Sweet & savory. {Savory & sweet.}

Yesterday, spring break officially commenced.  I took the kids to see The Croods.  As I rushed to get ready, I asked Jacob to get our snacks together.  He asked Hailey and I what we would eat first~ the candy or the popcorn.  He accommodated each of our wishes.

The Footnotes:
  1. We're cheap.
  2. Delayed gratification is vastly overrated.
  3. He's quite methodical, incredibly thoughtful, & pretty sweet~ that boy of mine. (but never before savory)

The movie? ...such a positive message, & funny too. thumbs up.
...& he was in it :).


  1. 1. Your kids adorable. That's so sweet. 2. You've sold me on taking the dude to see it!

  2. I LOVE this post. Perfect. All of it. And happy (late) birthday, my friend. I hope it was a good one. :)

  3. Love him. Thinking of going this week to see it. Read it could be somewhat sad for sensitive kids. What do you think?

    1. there are sad moments. i even had tears in my eyes at some points~ but mainly due to the character’s relationship changing/growing (the dad & the daughter)… her getting older, and him letting go. no deaths though… just sad events, that ultimately lead to happy transition.

  4. the way your boy treats his sister {and you} is so beautiful in every way. he is a good one, and you and ryan should be very proud of yourselves for raising such a 'good man'!

    1. he’s had a rough week (transitions are never easy for him… this one being from spring break to back-to-school). we’ve had a rough week (in our approach to his rough week ;)).

      i read him all of the lovely comments, including yours.

      …and we told him how true they all are.

      thank you :).


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