{coffee date #2 of the day.  friends are a beautiful thing.  so is coffee.}

last year, on this very same day (the day before my birthday), i wrote a post about "choice."

sometimes i need to be reminded of my own words...
What I do each day, each week, each moment is a matter of choice.  And while I have responsibilities & obligations to contend with, life does not just happen to me.

in the past couple of days i've had several conversations with friends {different friends... similar age-range}~ centered around this simple, yet profound, concept.  we've learned it before.  we know in our hearts to be true.  but seem to have "forgotten"- or - continue to keep "forgetting" it along the way... 

i do not want to look back on a life that just "happened" to me~ wondering what the hell happened(??)- or worse- why did i let it happen(??). 

living with intention.  having the courage to do so... the focus to make it happen 
~ currently {& deeply} on my mind and in my heart.  
last week,~ in perfect synchronicity~ i read a couple of incredibly inspiring posts (here & here), which both shared the 'quote of all quotes'... the 'question of all questions'... 

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver, Poet   

 i resolve to make it a great one.

...because after all, it is a matter of choice.


  1. After feeling sick for months on end, I feel a renewed sense of "life" and gratitude for the most minor of things. :)

    1. ohhhh… i KNOW that feeling all too well. how can i ever forget it??

      yes~ pure happiness (… relief, joy, gratitude :)) were the days when it was finally. over.

  2. what happens/why does it happen? We get too busy taking care of everyone else. We worry about being wonderful mothers and wives and we neglect ourselves. It happens slowly over time and then one day - you're on the backside of 30, kids almost grown, wondering "where did "I" go?"

    For me, I have always felt guilty taking time away from my kids to pursue anything for myself or at least that's how I justified it. I've now been able to find a balance, perhaps that is because they are older and require less of me or maybe I have just realized that I deserve (need) to have my own time too!

    It hasn't been an easy transition. Small baby steps at first but now they have grown to be part of my everyday way of life. Creativity has always been inside of me but I didn't live it. I never felt like I could call myself an artist because it wasn't a part of my daily life - but now, after starting with small "intentional steps" it is who i am - it is what I do, it is me.

    I know you can do it! I'm over here with my pom poms rooting for you :)

    1. thank you for your willingness (always) to be open and honest… and real. it is one of the things i love about you~ and about our friendship.

      so many, many reasons for this feeling/pattern... and i know without a doubt that this {ultimate} fear will not come to fruition. we won’t let it. and when we “forget” we will be right there for one another - reminding and rooting :).

      love you, my friend. xoxo

  3. a close friend and co-worker of mine has this quote in her email signature. love.

  4. great question for us all. with my one simple life I want to Be the best with what the Lord has given me. I want to be my best as a mom, as a wife, with the talents I have, etc. I just don't want to regret doing and being who I am supposed to be


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