{This brief article on Mark Ruffalo's decision to leave city life behind has stuck with me in more ways than one.  Aside from the fact that the crush has just increased tenfold.  Here is his response when asked about the transition...}
It’s the best thing I could have done for the family as a whole and for the kids in particular. We made a pact to let them be and let them work out their differences on their own. We’re letting them grow a little wild and we step in when it’s essential, but in a lot of ways they figure stuff out on their own and they do it in a way that’s organic and lasts. We live in a small space and we’re really influenced by the natural world around us. Eventually that is reflected in one’s behavior and how you get along with other people. There’s a lot of quiet in the country and there’s a lot of quietness in my children. 
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The weekend was a good one.  As Ryan settles into his new job, life is slowly calming down~ which is a good thing.  Still in school... oh, and a very long commute (during the training period)... but the air is clearing, the fog is lifting, the tide is turning... the noise is quieting.  


But surely.


  1. Beautiful - love this. Glad things are settling down for you too.

    1. thank you mary. always so nice to hear from you. glad that you are finding your groove... finding some down time. it's weird, isn't it? i went through the same thing when i began staying at home. until i realized how crucial it was...

  2. And now I am totally crushing on Mark Ruffalo. That was beautiful. I've been reading the book Simplicity Parenting. (I read too many parenting books...occupational hazard.LOL). Anyway, although I already identify with a lot of what's in the book, it truly has inspired me to do MORE to create LESS for my child so that he can have more room to be him.
    Glad things are slowing for you.

    1. Tina…

      Now you’re crushing too?? That makes me happy :).

      Simplicity Parenting was such an incredible book. A complete game-changer. Ryan and I both read it and it inspired us in the very same way… do MORE to create LESS.

      …a ‘quieter environment’… ‘quieter hearts & minds’… ‘quieter kids.’

      When I read this book, I participated in a virtual book club discussion (a series of five posts with some of my favorite bloggers), and thought you’d might like to see some of their responses… It was incredibly valuable- discussing it with other moms… just as valuable as the book itself. Here’s the link! http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/2012/05/simplicity-parenting.html

  3. what an awesome picture! Wow! So glad life is slowing down for you and that hubs is settled in new job!

  4. The picture is stunning. I am a believer in letting kids figure stuff out on their own and I think we really lack that nowadays. I also love the "we're letting them grow a little wild" part, totally can visualize that. And glad your life is quieting, that's always a great thing. xx

    1. I really loved the post you wrote about letting your kids take risks (looking the npr program up now to listen when I have a chance!).

      Something that I struggle with, but see as so important… even little risks, like running through streams on a hike… climbing rocks in Joshua Tree…

      I thought of that post while I was reading his words, and writing my own.

      …The “as little wild” part is still in progress over here… I loved that part too :).

  5. so happy that the fog is lifting. i know you want simplicity and glad you are working your way back to it!


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