Infinite power of words.

"You are a force of nature."
{favorite coffee mug, & a daily dose of infinitely powerful words.}

our weekend was a bit {a lot} hectic and rushedthe kind of weekend where you feel like you need a do-over.

so i decided to enter my reader in pursuit of a little 'boost'... only a couple of posts in and- i already found it.

karina's thought-provoking sentiments ~ and melissa's powerful affirmations. 

their words have lit up my soul.  in a matter of minutes. 

i'm reminded.  awakened.  empowered.

ready to leave sunday in the dust.

right where it belongs.


  1. after the weekend I had I think I need to read those posts too:) Hope you have a great week

    1. ahhh… you too? :(
      …hope you’re on a new [better] track as of now…

  2. I know those days well and it's especially hard when it's a weekend. But you said it so right, get inspired and move on. Thanks for your sweet words. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing all these lovely thoughts. I just came across your blog and I'm so happy I did!



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