{Wine} Country mode.

Okay, so maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought I was to jump back into writing, editing, formatting posts... 

Back-to-school nights were attended.  Paperwork has been sorted, filled out, turned in, filed away.  School isn't quite in full gear yet.  But the pace is picking up.  Fast.  And one thing is certain.  Fourth & ninth grade each carry with them a prettttty full load.  A load that calls us to BE READY... ready for lengthy papers & time-consuming projects, ready to tread new waters into world of arithmetic (as my dad still calls it), ready to immerse ourselves into work-mode, while fighting with all our might to squeeze in a little "play" (because, what's life, without play?}...

Well, that's what I've been doing.  Getting ready.  Which has not been very conducive to my blog-writing schedule I might add.  So here I am, sharing our annual wine-country adventure pics with you... bright & early on what is considered in the blog world to be a non-posting day.  But when jumping back on the wagon- even the blog-posting-wagon- ya gotta start somewhere, right?

In honor of our 15th anniversary, we took a little break from camping, and rented a home in Santa Rosa, conveniently perched right on top of a beautiful vineyard :).

front-porch view (dining table to the left; jacuzzi to the right, what more could you ask for of a front porch??)

slowing our pace to the country's liking (to our liking)
morning coffee under the sun, beautiful friends & kindred-spirits (melissa graciously hosted a lunch for our family, & i not only got to meet her- as well as her daughter- for the first time, but also estelle & her daughter!!  i could have stayed & talked with those gals for hours... pure bliss), back-roads and back-stories, berry-picking, & berry-eating
hotspots - new & old
when it comes to food, those northern folks get it right. every. single. time.
brothers & sisters
the day you get free jelly belly samples is a happy day indeed

our evening stroll (forgetting entirely that all the while we were in someone's front yard)

favorite pastimes time with grandma & grandpa... picking oranges, 'in-the-kitchen', tastin' wine, sippin' [way too much] port [way too late in the evening].
mmmm... gelato
and my favorite part of all, time with the ones i love

until next time...


  1. gorgeous photos and a lovely recap. after just two short weeks of school, i could already go back to a few slow days of summer.

    so fun that you got to meet some fellow blogging besties! and photos with real coke in glass bottles makes me smile.

    welcome back.

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful trip! And aren't Melissa & Estelle the best?!

    I'm actually highly impressed you've blogged as much as you have. I am so behind on blogging and emails...when I do get on the computer, I lose myself in everyone else's lives instead of concentrating on my own... :)


  3. Good luck with back to school. Being on the teacher side and having no kids, I don't ever think about what the other side is like. I hope they're each adjusting well. I'm sure 9th grade is the big shocker. Your wine country trip looks like a treat. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. oh I am right there with you! It has been so hard for me to get back into the grove of things after this summer! Love the pics from the trip. Wow- it looks like such an amazing and fun time.

  5. I am dying to get back to wine country! Love all the pics. You look beautiful!!

  6. ahh, thank you everyone!! love my 'blog friends' :).

  7. Oh Torrie it looks like bliss and how fabulous to meet two other bloggers. My favourite is you from the back walking along the street with the kids, what incredibly groovy trou - love them.


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