The in-between.

The term "Indian summer" usually implies a second-wind (or wave I should say) of heat- high temperatures, sunny skies, dry conditions- making its way in just after the first frost.  Here in southern California- it takes on a bit of a new meaning... seeing that we don't really have a break from HEAT frost period- other then maybe a few fleeting moments of rain (as was the case the other day, when those glorious clouds rolled, the breeze set forth, the drizzle began... & then two minutes later- it was all over).  Fall can be tricky that way.  Each September, as the kids settle back into school, "fall" line-ups are everywhere in site- t.v. shows, clothing racks, magazine covers... it lures its way in, with its bright orange pumpkins, and golden acorn squash... its shorter days and longer nights- and even few [very, very] brief moments of "crisp" gracing the early morning air...  But when all is said and done, Summer is not even close to leaving the building.

In fact, for us- it's the season of "hot-getting-hotter"... the dog days of summer.  And it'll continue on right up until November... till that rain takes off its hat and decides to stay a while longer... longer than 2 minutes.

But hey, at least it's consistent, right?

And, who can complain about a "season" which offers endless culinary possibilities?  A season in which iced coffee can still be enjoyed on a late afternoon... an oven that houses both a pot of rich bolognese and a tart apple crisp.

Not I.  

HOTNESS aside, the "in-between" might not be so bad after all.

Please head over to Pink Moon Daily today, as we discuss the matter a bit further... beyond the garden gates.


  1. I agree! I'm loving our hot days and cool nights for the same reasons. It's the best of everything.

  2. I wish I looked at it this way. Being in Florida and having this high heat continue while everyone else is pulling out boots and scarves is making me jealous. I'm trying to pull out cardigans and cords and drink hot coffee and play along, but at the end of the day I don't smell to *fresh* if you know what I mean. But I'm glad you can look at it so positively. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. i'm trying!! (and yes, i know what you mean :))... food/seasonal food i should say- is sometimes the only way i can get really get a sense of the seasons- the true season- in its entirety around here. other than closing my blinds, lighting a fall/winter scented candle and pretending. but the clothes part- that's a hard one to fake (when the sun is beaming down).

      so glad you were cleared to run btw! (should be telling you that on your blog... short on time today)

  3. Think I would love the weather down there, its fall crispy Halloween weather oop this way.


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