Monkey business.

My mom's husband sent me an email asking me to send a picture of Jacob in his "monkey suit."  I was about to scan the one of him {framed on our wall} as a little baby, wearing his [Halloween] "monkey suit" all the while, wondering what he wanted it for.                                                                                                                                      

 ...until ryan informed me otherwise. 
 {his orchestra 'picture day' was this past tuesday... i guess that $110- check was worth it after all :)}

Still just as adorable in my [humble] opinion.


  1. Too funny! Love that you actually have one of him in a monkey suit.

  2. You do realize that someday your son will dress you funny and take pictures of you in your wheelchair just to get revenge? ;)

    1. Yes- I DO!! (hoping I’ll be too old to care??)

  3. so cute!!

  4. Such a cute baby....and a handsome young man!!!!

  5. cuteness! don't you love looking at their baby pics? i just asked my six year old if i could give him a bottle and feed him some puffs, just for old time sake. he didn't think it was so funny. maybe it's time for a dog.


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