yep, that's right... we've been stoned.  summer's not here yet, but you'd never know by the looks of our csa box.  bright red cherries... perfectly sweet strawberries... & a whole lotta peaches & apriums.  last year, i had an entire {huge} case of these to use up.  there were aprium tarts & cocktails & you name it... this year, not so much.  fruit's not on the horizon for several more weeks.  although i've yet to purchase an entire case, they've been in our box for the past three weeks, and we were starting to need a dedicated shelf for them in the fridge {they- along with the peaches- ripen super, duper fast}, so I pulled up a post that i'd bookmarked last summer- and set out to freeze these babies.  We may not be able to enjoy 'em now, but we'll most definitely look forward to lots of peach margaritas little peach indulgences here and there... in the coming months of "HOT."

{as promised~ 'two tried & true recipes this week', but this is really not a recipe... more of a technique :)...}
freezer peaches {or other ripened stone fruit}
*adapted from three many cooks

makes 2 quarts

3-4 pounds peaches
juice from 1/2 a lemon
[recipe recommended sugar & 'fruit fresh'... I omitted both & added lemon juice]

Bring a large pot of water to boil.  With a paring knife, score a small x at the base of each peach.  Working in batches drop peaches in water; cook to loosen skins, about 30 seconds.  Peel skins off;  quarter (or half) small peaches (cut larger peaches into thick wedges) then pit.  Place in bowl, and drizzle with lemon juice; gently toss.  Spoon peaches into freezer bags; lay flat on a baking pan and freeze until solid.  Stack in freezer until ready to use.

friday has arrived.  my weekend starts early with a morning hike... & a little mexican food with friends for lunch.  
So happy, i don't even think I'll miss the margarita (the chips may be another story).

...and tomorrow- the long-awaited, much-needed purge will take place.  big time.

hope your weekend's just the right amount of productivity & pleasure.


  1. sounds like a good weekend plan to me!! can't wait for the fruit to start hitting the farmers markets - it's gotta be early this year, right? the peonies are here already - which makes me happy.

    have a lovely weekend! saw the barbie purge :)

  2. PURGE! I love purging. It feels amazing!

  3. Love the title! Oh I can't wait for all the summer veggies and fruits! My mind is racing!

  4. OOoh peaches, love them, going to eat one now (although mine do not look as juicy as yours...Sthern California fruit is the best) Looking forward to hearing about the purge.


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