They say...

It gets worse before it gets better.
{carving out a bit of dining space for breakfast this morning (jacob exclaimed, "i don't think that the 'organization' is working.")}

Seeing that we've been at it for 10 days... I'd say "they" are right.

I've agreed to volunteer for the entire day today AND tomorrow (why???)... and we've got Jacob's spring orchestra performance to attend tonight... a resume to help him create- a t-shirt to help him design (So. Done. With. Homework. Assignments.)... Friday's 8th grade graduation ceremony (yes, graduating the 8th grade is apparently a very big deal these days :)) to plan for... 

In other words, there will be very little checking off of the to-do list today (or tomorrow- or the day after that), so looks like we won't be living in "organized harmony" quite yet.
But sooner or later before summer- even if it kills me- room by room... shelf by shelf... drawer by drawer... clutter will be conquered- once & for all.


  1. Man do I know how you feel. Last week was a whirlwind (this week isn't looking any better) My house has been seriously neglected and the garage cleaning keeps being re-prioritized and I feel like my head is going to explode. I just need to make it through the weekend (graduation and tournaments) and then I can get to everything next week and feel less crazy. I need 4 of me!

  2. Good luck conquering the clutter and the plans for the week! You will get through all of it! I go through my clutter-y periods as well. Life is just like that sometimes.

  3. The end of the year is so so much - good on you for keeping in there! You go!

  4. Hahah! Love Jacob's comment at breakfast.
    Gosh de-cluttering on a mass scale is so dauting, I still keep putting it off. Very impressed at your perseverance!

  5. i. hear. you. two more days of school and i can't wait for it to be over - and my kids are still little - can't imagine what it's like with real assignments. i can barely keep up with remembering that it's hawaiian day! so behind on all my reading :(

  6. It is the once and for all part that messes me up. I think I am a hoarder on the inside.


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