I can see clearly now.

Since our recent health scare, we've made some pretty big changes in our lives, particularly in our diet.  Some temporary, and some not... but all for the better nonetheless.  Since Ryan was the unexpected catalyst for this change, I thought he'd be the best one to share our experience.  So without further ado, here's Ryan! 
No sugar.  No dairy.  No gluten.  Yep, that is what our next sixty days looks like.  It all started with a trip to the doctor to find out I had an infection in my blood.  Antibiotics knocked it out, but we had to wonder how it got there and why my body could not fight it off.  I hardly ever get sick, so it made me realize that I need to take some sort of action to get back on track in regards to my health.  On a friend’s recommendation, we had our blood analyzed by a microscopist.  It's amazing what two drops of blood can reveal.  Apparently, I'm living in a persistent hypoglycemic state, which pretty much explains how I've been feeling the past few years… no energy & always waiting for the second wind that never seems to come.  My blood was riddled with all sorts of not-so-good things (I’ll spare you the details). 

The good news is that it is all fixable.  It's time for us to get the cells in our bodies functioning as they should.  If you think about it, why not start with your blood, since it runs through every organ of your body, including your brain?  First step was to drink more water.  We’re talking over a gallon a day, as opposed to the two or three cups of coffee to start the day and a glass or two of wine to end it… and maybe a glass of water in between.  Second, we had to change our diet.  We knew it would be challenging, but doable.  She sent us home with a book of recipes, a few natural supplements, a Trader Joe’s shopping list for alkaline rich foods, and a ‘prescription’ for 9000 mg of omega-3 per day.  Oh, and Torrie was told she would have to sit in the sun for at least ten minutes a day- and that she'd have the ‘unfortunate’ side effect of losing weight (funny- she didn’t seem too concerned about me losing too much weight).

It's been almost a week and the changes have been remarkable.  I have more energy than I've had in years and have more mental clarity, like I am coming out of a fog.  I actually feel like exercising, and would like to think I've been in a better mood… maybe you should ask Torrie.  The diet has been surprisingly easy.  I have to admit, I miss cheese and bread, but giving up sugar (natural & refined) was easier than I thought.  We're encouraged to eat plenty of avocados and to use olive oil liberally, which [almost] makes up for the sacrifices.  The food is good and there is plenty of it.

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, there will be no sacrificing (okay, maybe that isn’t entirely true - a margarita would be nice).  Fish tacos with plenty of accoutrements and heirloom beans are something to look forward to, especially if I know that it will help bring me back into balance, out of the fog, and on the road to optimal health.

{Sorta cheating on this week's 'tried & true' recipe post.  We haven't actually tried the recipe yet, but thought it was *necessary to share our Cinco de Mayo menu- in case you're in search of a festive- yet healthy recipe.  In the book, she gives a healthier option... Marinate the fish in olive oil, lots of lime juice, salt, pepper, and roughly chopped cilantro for at least an hour and up to overnight.  Grill the fish for a few minutes per side, depending on the thickness... We'll be taking this route (along with brown rice tortillas)~ of course :).}
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  1. thank you so much for sharing! this is just what i needed this morning as i am feeling guilty after a few days of over caffeinning (made up word) and over wining (another one). great inspiration to make some changes - and this recipe sounds amazing. love more olive oil and avocado.

    hope you continue to feel better!

    torrie, i am doing a fun tee shirt giveaway! make sure to enter :)

  2. Glad you're doing better! I checked out that alkaline chart and am relieved that most of those "bad" foods we don't eat much of. The only things we for sure would have to cut back on are beer (husband), wine (me) and coffee (both and so beloved!) It's a good reminder to try to steer ourselves back toward healthier meals, though.

  3. Great post Torrie, I am always droopy and tired and I should for sure try this blood test. My friend swears by getting rid of gluten. Also yes I am counting the liquid vice as part of my intake. This is a good kick up the bum for me!

  4. So glad these changes are having such a noticeable effect!!!

  5. I wish you the best with this challenge. It is so nice to feel like you are taking control of your health!

  6. I wanted to try that taco recipe. Prepare to report back. :)

  7. This makes me so happy I could almost cry. The Whole30 changed my life and I can honestly say that I really only miss cookies after a really hard day. That's it.

    I love the sun part, too. They told me the same: at least 10 minutes of sun in the early morning. Coupled with silence it totally sets the tone for the day. Have been loving our tweets!! xoxo


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