Over the moon.

Doesn't take much to make me happy.  A new page of stamps... her smile when an awaited letter arrives, a favorite coffee mug in one hand... his in the other...  

As I shared last week, I couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity to write a gardening column for Pink Moon Daily.  Only 2 months in, and already a mound of stories & tips to share.  And this year- more than ever before, we're on it.  Too much water?  Fixed.  Our strawberries are being snacked on by someone other than us??  Umm, no...  We'll be damned if those birds rob us of our strawberry picking pleasure.  Lots of mistakes to learn from...  Lots of luscious tomatoes to be had.        

But the best part about this little Pink Moon Daily Adventure??  Ryan's roped in to my blogosphere bliss right by my side.  And that makes me a happy camper.  Or rather- a happy gardener.

So please head over to read our very first post, & feel free to jump right in on the discussion.  We may be more "on it" than in years past, but we're continuing to learn as we go... and when it comes to the garden, there's LOTS of learning to be had.  So share any tips you've got - big or small.

{By the way, have you subscribed to the daily (yes, Estelle publishes every single day!) feed yet?  I am loving it so far.  I look forward to each & every post.  And after only one week, it's provided me with a wealth of useful, simple healthy-living tips.  AND- you can like it on Facebook too!  I always appreciate a forum for deeper engagement :).}


  1. Heading over there now, I am loving just that glimpse of the greenery. I will get my son to help me sign up when he comes home (yes i'm that useless)

  2. this is so perfect for you! You re going to be great at this gardening section. I can;t wait to learn so much from you:)


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