Switching gears.

The weekend was a mixture of magic & misery.  A Friday afternoon sushi bar date with Jacob... a Saturday afternoon of homework (Ryan), fighting (kids), & laundry (yours truly)... 

Sunday?  Well, the "plan" was to drop the kids off at my grandma's, & enjoy a little lunch/movie date with my over-worked-worn-out husband.  But seeing as though Saturday wasn't exactly a family-fun day, I knew we needed to switch gears a bit.  So, we woke up, had our favorite 'in-a-hurry' breakfast, drove to a far-away movie theater (with the intention of going here afterwards- an incredibly magical place that justifies an entirely separate post) to see a movie we could all enjoy... one that was sure to help us get our weekend back on track.  It worked

Yet unfortunately, others (possibly the entire city of Brea) had the same idea of visiting the new ice cream parlor, so we switched gears once again.  But now we're on a mission to go back- sans the "around-the-block" line...  And I'm also still on a mission to see "my" movie.  From your comments, maybe it's one that should be viewed solo... maybe this afternoon? (laundry can always wait.) 

Speaking of magical movies, & nostalgic ice cream parlors, do you remember Colorforms???  I'm on a total old-school kick lately (another future post) when it comes to toys- and in result, my kids are re-experiencing my childhood in ways far beyond ice-cream... whether they like it or not. (at least it's a 'modernized' version :))

In full disclosure, we ended the night with a few episodes of Family Ties (yet another "future post").  It's official.  I'm forever trapped in the 1980's. (and I'm holding my family hostage)


  1. Ha! My son is a huge fan of the Muppet Show. I haven't even worked my way up to the 80s yet, but I'll make him watch my 80s faves too. Love it. Also love the ability to switch gears as needed - sometimes that's the hardest part.

    1. Ooooh, they are too! Purchased (with their own money) all 3 seasons (a/v up to now) and watched every episode this past summer... so I guess they started out in the 70's era as well! =)

  2. Oh, Family Ties. That's the best. I so wanted to be a part of that family. And Farrel's! That's bringing back some early 80s memories. I didn't even know they were still around. Sounds like you did a fab job turning that weekend right around.

  3. Torrie, you are the best! First of all, thanks for your comments and also. Reading your posts is so comforting/ I've never seen family ties, should I?

  4. I love that you changed things up based on the family need. Sometimes I have a hard time noticing what we need when I have a plan in mind (especially if it is alone time with my husband!). You are an awesome mom. Sounds like the perfect weekend. What a gift to roll with the punches...I'm going to take notes!

  5. need to go buy some colorforms stat!

    did you see the movie????

  6. Agree with Katie, great that you were so flexible, I often get a little bitter if I can't do what I've planned. Also I do need to plan more, we need to take more trips into San Fran, its only 12 mins across the bridge and we barely go there. I'm totally in the 80's and I'm sure I'll be there for some time with my King Tut hair (re-watched all the bratpack movies over the weekend)


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