Weekend advice {from me to me}...

"Pour yourself a drink,

put on some lipstick,

and pull yourself together."
-Elizabeth Taylor      

 ... and then go see this movie.
   Got a feeling it'll be good for the slump soul in a refreshingly raw, raunchy sorta way.

{But first, I get to pick Jacob up early for 'minimum day.'  Time to just hang out- solo- (with either kid) is a rarity these days, but increasing necessary... and also "good for the soul" :).}

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  1. oh, torrie, i can't argue with any of your advice except, {cringe} maybe, just maybe, seeing that movie? although there were most definitely some funny parts, i found it really depressing... but maybe, that is just me. and um, where, i seem to be AT these days... sigh. (i will say no one can rock looking her worst and still end up pulling off BEAUTIFUL at the same time, better than she can!)

    have a great weekend. enjoy your solo time with jacob. xo

  2. I want to see this movie so bad!! Need to convince the fiance...can't wait to hear what you think!

  3. Oh I really want to see this movie now! I read great reviews of it and then forgot to follow it up - thank you! The drink and lipstick and pulling yourself together is great advice for anyone.

  4. Love the "minimum day".
    I saw this movie a few weeks ago. Charlie Theron= a whole lotta awesome sauce but my heavens it certainly got disturbing...
    I love the scene where she is shopping for something to wear to the band show. Epic.

  5. Did you see it? I thought it was awesome. Dark, but terrific.

  6. I have been dying to see it! I hope it isn't as depressing as Stephanie says - but, hey, critics love that!


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