Life upgrade.

So I saw this tweet from Pippa @sousstyle a couple of days ago, mentioning a new series on her fabulous site {for the "new generation of homemakers"}, titled- Organize the Chaos.  Always up for a little organization advice- I clicked on the link, read the article, tracked down the "acrylic shoe bins" mentioned within, and excitedly sent her this reply...

She ever-so-sweetly replied back- totally *getting* my shoe bin fervor.  It got me thinking about products that I either have- or intend to get- that will inspire me to stay on top of organization & cleaning.  Okay.  Maybe I was a bit far-reaching with my proclamation that these shoe bins will be #lifechanging, but she was spot-on in her response... It's a life upgrade!  Then I guess, in a small way, they would in fact be life changing.
Here's a few items that have or will (sure of it) improve [upgrade] the quality of my life in the realm of cleanliness...
Have I mentioned our [southern california] limitation of square footage?? ...aka- SPACE?? Nuff said.              
I'm very sensitive to harsh, abrasive cleaning products (both my skin, & nose!).  I love Bon Ami cleanser, & when I saw this new packaging- plus the scented dish soap I had to buy it.  (anything to make dish-washing a little more "fun")           

...a "life changing bucket" according to this article (a trip to the container store is clearly in order)
I must say- if you're into baths, this is the perfect 'bath-time' candle... small, not wobbly, & can be closed up & stored right in the cabinet for the next rare occasion that you actually get to enjoy a candlelit bath.  But, as for cleaning...
Mrs. Meyer's say it best:
Sometimes it feels good just to have a nice candle giving off some extra fragrance while you're busy with your chores... It's in a cute jelly jar that you can reuse as a juice glass or hold your marble collection.

       [wow. so many uses for one candle?!... purchased mine @ target]  

...a great audiobook (such as this one) keep your mind from thinking angry thoughts amidst scrubbing the toilets
...or on a slightly more positive note (because it is Friday after all)- to keep you inspired in the midst of chaos :).
{any "life-changing" tips/products you've discovered? let us know below...}


  1. I got those shoe bins as a bday gift right when we moved. Seriously....they rock. It makes everything so much neater and prettier looking. Love them.

  2. i've been looking for a good audio book for a five hr drive i have coming up...thanks for the recommendation.

    and life upgrade, love it. could use a few myself. love hearing about products i don't know about. now i'm dreaming of a long bath tonight! happy friday.

  3. I have been trying to life upgrade like crazy. Taking the time to make the bed, put my clothes away, and do the dishes right after I use them (still working on consistency with that one) is making me feel much calmer and happier in my space!

  4. a "life changing" bucket AND a candle that will eventually hold my marbles?! way to start my weekend of right, torrie. thanks! =)

  5. I adopted that whole baggy trou and tie thing in High School (I'm not sure how successfully...) and love Diane Keaton - this book has had great reviews, must get it. Have a fab weekend!

  6. The Container Store is such a wondrland. I am very lucky that there is not one close to my house. And I am a huge fan of those Mrs. Meyers candles. It is something simple and small that feels very special and indulgent.

  7. The shoe bins are genius—had them in our last place!

  8. I just heard that Indy finally got a Container Store.... guess I'm going to have to make a trip up there soon. I LOVE those shoe bins!


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