Bold moves.

maybe it's just because those pre-show interviews exude such a tense, forced, uncomfortable vibe, but it wasn't the bold yellow dress, or the stunning red lips that really caught my eye.

it was the gals that were a little less elegant... a bit more casual.  beachy waves, or even a pony tail in lieu of long perfected locks.  yes... it is a BLACK TIE event.  i get it.  but sometimes a little rule-breaking/bending is required.  

toning it down a notch (or 10) could be just as bold as a striking red or mustard yellow. 
which is why she was my favorite red carpet pick.  flawless.  but in a 'less-is-more' kinda way.
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did you watch?  thoughts?


  1. totally agree with you. my favorite by far. however as far as the 'glammed' dresses are concerned loved reese witherspoons!

  2. I loved Claire Danes- so sophisticated. And Emma Stone looked great, too. So many of the dresses bored me this time, though. And the spray tans! Yikes!

  3. YES...Loved Heidi's baubles! I also dug Nicole Richie's look!

  4. love the dress and love that she is such a rock start mom!!


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