Understated style.

In my daily endeavor of getting ready, I don't necessarily aim to look sexy.  If I'm being honest, just aiming to look like I'm not wearing pajamas or stepping out of a gym is a large feat as of late.

Lots of solo time this week, chipping off the ol' to-do list.  In other words, "comfort"  first.  Cute second last.

But really, who says you can't have both?   And along those same lines, who says sexy has to be tight... low-cut... un-comfortable??  Maybe I'm just enabling myself to carry on with the "seasonal lovefest" of baked treats, hearty dishes, and spirited beverages, but there's a definite appeal to a little more subtlety, a little less flaunting... a bit more flowy, a tad less stretchy.  Simple, soft, slouchy, maybe even over-sized.  Yes please.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I can't agree more...and I have been feeling it too. This season I feel best in something slouchy but a little sexy. And the sequin skirt with that top? Hot. I would go get groceries in that. (I kid you,but I love it so).

  2. @SmartBear *slouchy (THAT is the word I was trying to conjure up last night @ around 2am- with no luck... updated my post to include it... thank you!)

  3. I totally agree with your version of sexy, all these photos show women in comfy clothes yet are incredibly luscious. I always think women look their best ruffled and scruffled on Sat morning rather than wearing ballgowns

  4. Yes, chic and comfy...trying too hard always looks wrong anyway ;)


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