Art & craft sale.


{Watercolor painting by Rebecca Janes}

The wind has died down, school back in session (to their dismay after their unexpected free day), & I have a billion + things to do before the big day of tree shopping & holiday decorating bright & early tomorrow morning (which despite how it may have sounded after yesterday's post- is not yet done(!)… Leon & the destroyed poinsettias are as far as we've got).

Before I get started on the LIST, I wanted to take a moment to spread the word about an upcoming art and craft sale that a friend of mine is hosting (along with a few other artists). 

Rebecca creates beautiful watercolor paintings and  cute little handmade/hand-sewn animals.  What I like most about the watercolors is that you have the ability to choose a photograph, provide it to her, and she will then transform it into a beautiful painting.  I am in the process of choosing a picture myself, and I can't wait to let her work her magic.  Not only is this an affordable way of incorporating more art into our home, it allows us to be a part of the creative process... in choosing an image that is personal, meaningful, and  pleasing.

Here are some examples of the "before" photograph, and the "after" watercolor... 

{I love how she leaves some of the details out and highlights (or adds) others in- to capture the true essence of the scene, or moment in time.

And here are a just a few examples of the animals!  She has many, many, many more to choose from!

The boutique will be held this Sunday (details below), and following the event, items will be available to order online- including watercolor gift certificates... What a great gift!!

Here's the 411.
What: Boutique 
When: Sunday Dec. 4th from 2-4pm
Where: 434 Crestview Place Monrovia, CA
* All items will be for sale & special orders will be available.
* Following the event, items can be ordered at the website...

{hope you check it out!... & see ya monday!} 


  1. Oh that is really neat. I love watercooler images and prints. You always find the most interesting and cool stuff!

  2. Of course, I wish I lived closer. (How many times have I said that to you?) I hope the sale was a huge success. Her paintings are so very charming. Full of life and whimsy. What a talent.


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