The elf clause.

Leon made it on our cozy little shelf.
Safe & sound.
{& in other news, advent calendars have been cracked open, poinsettias placed fancifully on the porch (only to have been ripped apart by Miss Santa Ana), & the glendora school district was declared officially closed.  
now that's a first.}
Happy December =).
*p.s. "Leon" is noel spelled backwards.  in case you were wondering.


  1. Lucky! I might get a day off with my family this holiday season (although I'm a little afraid to talk about it too much because it could get ripped away at any time) and I'm excited to decorate.

    Happy December to you too. And Leon. :)


  2. Holy smokes! That sounds scary. I have not been able to decorate because my house is turned upside down whilst the flooring is installed. Our elf is here, however. His name is Paulie. And now I have to send you an email because the scruffy-faced husband and I have been having a little too much fun with Paulie. And he has been a bad elf.
    P.S. I assume skirts will be a bad move in winds like that? :)

  3. So cute! I have yet to do any Christmas decorating but Emerson asks every single day on the way home from school. Her spirit is unyielding. I'm going to have to break down this weekend. We did open her advent calendar this morning for a post-breakfast chocolate, however!

    Wow, closed school. That is crazy in California. Hope you have fun with the kiddos at home!

  4. Leon made me laugh :) My Mom has a set of NOEL candles and it's not Christmas until my Dad reverses them when no one is looking lol.

  5. @Tina absolutely (unless i'd like to bare all :)).

    With the Thanksgiving chaos, we haven't decorated yet either... The poinsettias (and Leon) are as far as we've got at this point, but our goal is to be "up & running" by Saturday!

    I looooove that picture of Paulie. Leon's been pretty well-bahaved thus far... for an elf. ;)

  6. @Estelle hailey is equally unyielding & persistent. shaking in my boots for the {teenage} years to come. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, what the heck is happening with the weather down there? Leon is quite cute. I'm impressed that you've decorated already! I need to get our Christmas decorations out, but that involves digging them out of storage. I'm scared. ;)

  8. Leon. I love that! We did quite the same today...decorated and had out share of morning chocolate... the winds are crazy, we just started getting them in San Diego this afternoon...

  9. Wait a minute. I think I'm missing something. I had a friend on facebook who just posted about this elf and called is Fle (backwards for elf). Is this something that I've not caught onto? I've heard the elf on a shelf, but what is it? And do you just name it something backwards? Or is this just a really small world and I happen to have found two random people who have this same elf and have name him backwards words within two days of each other?


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