Dog days {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.
{I guess we're sticking with the animal theme this week...}
List the pets you've adopted.
Literally adopted??  Or figuratively?   
I'm gonna go with the latter, seeing that I've never officially adopted a homeless pet.  I mean, as a kid, we took in strays- and newborns of friends (or just strangers sitting in front of the market)- offering begging us to help 'em out.  We didn't actually fill out any adoption paperwork, but close enough, right?

In that case, let's see how many names I can remember (you'd think I'd be able to remember them all here, but sadly, some were more like "foster-pets")...

  • Kitty.  An orange cat who mauled me when I slept.  Literally- mauled.  (probably a good reason as to why I'm not so fond of cats) infected with rabies, and sadly (even though she mauled, I still loved her!) had to be put to sleep.
  • Bowser.  Our family pet- lived with us until a very old age.  I don't remember when/how he was adopted into our home, but I do remember him being a happy-go-lucky loveable dog.  Unfortunately, my prevalent memories are not so cute, as he- how do I put this??  He had some health issues as he got older- some not so pretty moments for either of us.
  • Bullet.  A pit bull... Memory is fuzzy here regarding the time-frame, and even the name, but I know for a fact that we had a pit bull, and although he was very sweet, in times where he felt threatened, the aggressive tendencies came out- loud and clear.  In result, we eventually had to put him to sleep.
  • Bandit?  Can't remember... but I know we had another adoooorable little white puppy- that looked just like a baby seal.  After Bowser died, we went for a long stretch with no dog.  My brother begged, and begged, and even plead his case in the form of a letter.  My mom eventually gave in.  But very shortly after, he ran away, never to be found.
  • Mugsy.  In light of our heartbreak- we got our next long-term family pet, a black lab/part golden-retriever.  Playful, energetic, friendly, a little too playful at times... all the qualities you'd expect in a lab :).  Lived a nice long, happy life.
  • Flower.  A cute little black & white dog that we took in at an older age... And she smiled!
  • Sparky.  This was my brother's dog, but he lived with us for quite a while.  The most well behaved dalmatian known to man- or to animal.  And believe me.  I know this firsthand...
  • Marty.  Ryan (before we were married) "adopted" a newborn dalmatian.  Very cute- until it grew older, and became CRAZY.  When we got married, we lived in a little apartment- which was clearly not the right home for our very hyper dog.  I cannot tell you how many times I ran down a busy Pasadena street chasing after him.  ...or how many items were peed on, chewed on...  With a newborn on the way, and no plans for a big yard anytime soon, we made the decision to put him up for adoption (and he was adopted that same day!).
  • Kona.  And last, but not least- our current [one-and-only] pet... a chocolate lab.  A little crazy at times... definitely some rough 'puppy moments', but she's mellowed out a bit (no longer in destroy-our-yard and/or home mode).  She loves people- and hates being alone, has not one aggressive bone in her body, is pretty well trained, but at the same time- is a total puppy trapped in a big ol' dog's body, and she loves us.  And we love her.

Definitely one of those more-for-me-than-for-you lists.  It was sorta fun to think back on though!  Have you adopted many pets?  If you have a post, link up below (my last week with Mr. Linky... before Listography ends, and before he expires!)... or of course you can share with a comment :).


  1. awww, we have a puppy trapped in an old dog body too :)

  2. I love reading all the names of the pets. Naming animals is more fun than can be creative and not worry about them being teased! Lol.

  3. That picture is just perfect!! You had a lot of pets, girl...

  4. Marty, Marty, Marty... I remember the phone calls that the dog was running in traffic and you were chasing him like 7 months pregnant!

  5. @Anise YES!!! Drove me CRAZY (and I was already hormonal & crazy to begin with!!) (so glad someone remembers- and doesn't think we're evil for putting him up for adoption! ;))

  6. that picture just makes me smile!! it's contagious! xo

  7. I will be sad when Listography ends...I have just loved it.


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