Power pellets {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.
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This week's list: 
List your favorite snacks.  
If I included "indulgent" snacks here, this list would be quite long- & I'm sure not too exciting, I might add.  Healthy, 'guilt-free' snacks are a little harder to come by, and I'm still in the midst of developing a nice repertoire of go-to's... so I can go to them rather than the Lays, the Skittles, the Peanut Butter, the Ben & Jerry's, the Choc- Oh, sorry. HEALTHY is the list I'm going for here.  In that case...

{Disclaimer: these aren't necessarily low-fat, but they're much better alternatives than those above.}

  1. Protein Plate from Starbucks.  I often need a protein-fix, & this always does the trick.
  2. As do these Special K Protein Bars (thanks to Danielle).
  3. One more "protein" snack... Smoothies w/ protein powder (more on this in a future post).
  4. My 2-second guacamole- avacado + salsa + s&p + olive oil- smeared on whole grain bread.
  5. Iced coffee, iced lattes, or a Doubleshot Light.
  6. Popcorn w/ olive oil & sea salt (can't believe I haven't yet written about popcorn... soon).
  7. Not exactly healthy, but just not right leaving it out... CHEESE (any & all- except Swiss).
  8. Hummus with veggies or cooked edamame with a little olive oil, s&p.
  9. Any type of healthy power-packed muffin (just made these, + Eating Well has some great recipes).
  10. Greek Yogurt, topped with fruit, honey, & almonds or homemade granola.

And there you have it. 

What about you??  What are your favorite foods to snack on?  I'm always looking for new ideas... anything to keep me away from the CHIPS.  Let me know in the comments or visit Danielle to link up a post of your own. 

*Next order up...


  1. I'm not really much of a snacker, but when I get home from work I'll sometimes have a spoonful of peanut butter. Little Debbies and fun size candies are another quick (not healthy!) grab if a co-worker has some set out. :)

  2. You picked all of my favorites...seriously! I haven't tried the Special K bars but found some random yummy protein bars at Costco and have been snacking on them ever since...

  3. I eat at least 6 times a day so I'm always looking for new "snacky" ideas. I'm going to try your guac or the edamame with s&p. And isn't greek yogurt heavenly? I can't go back to the regular stuff. Especially since you can use it in place of sour cream too.


  4. My favorite snack is fresh fruit nuts.

  5. Any kind of coffee works for me - which is why I'm in the Starbucks drive thru most days :)

  6. I like to eat large full meals. I'm not even into appetisers or hors dirves (sorry didn't even try and spell that one!). When I'm at a restaurant I'd rather order a second meal than have dessert. Wow, I'm starting to sounds weird. So my thing is that I don't really eat snacks, I would veer more to your avaocado and then pile on chicken as well...

  7. just had #10 on sunday morning at my in-laws house!

  8. I guess the healthiest thing I snack on are almond nuts haha. For some reason, I actually find them really tasty! :)

    <3 Belly B

  9. I love avocado. In fact, I've been known to remove the pit, add yummy dressing and salt and the eat it by the spoonful right out of the skin. My dad and I both do. Yum.

  10. So, do you toss the popcorn in the olive oil? I must know lady!

  11. Love greek yogurt with all those yummy toppings. My go to is a cold sliced apple with either peanut butter or slices of swiss cheese. Now I need to eat that. Wish is was apple season!

  12. Hummus. Yum. I can manage to make it unhealthy with the sheer quantity that I can eat...

  13. Weird but I am not a snacker. I don't know why, I love to pop (this is going to be weird) the fruit flavored mentos in my mouth all day long but I am not a snacker unless it refers to fruit or drinks like lemonade and iced coffee. Love your list though and I need to try that protein plate from starbucks. If you say its good then i know its good


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