Full exposure.

I’m sick.

My eyes are watery.

Nose, runny.



But thanks to Stephanie

I’m tan.

And really, isn’t that what matters most in the big scheme of things?

…a self tanner that doesn’t smell (a huge step up from the last one- that worked well, but according to my kids, smelled like a diaper), doesn’t blotch or streak, and doesn’t have to be applied every day.  In fact, I need to reapply mine before it fades.  But that would mean I'd have to shower.  And when I’m this frail, that’s a lot to ask.

*Note to Stephanie:  
I seriously miss your posts.  I know you’re busy with real life and all, but honestly, throw me a bone here.
{stole that last part from Austin Powers}


  1. Oh No! I hate that your not feeling good but girl you are right- at least you will look good! Thats all that matters right? Same with high heels. We suffer for fashion and beauty! I am with you on Stephanie. I meet her through you and wish she would start posting again! Hint Hint Stephanie!

    So going to get the self tanner. I am also so weary of self tanning because the last thing I want to be is orange but I trust you so if you say it works then it works!

  2. I am a serious self tanner (or as some friends a bronzy old bag). Is this better than doing the spray tan? I need even-ness to gloss over my wrinkles . Plus sorry to hear you're not well. But today you won the scarf I bought in Barcelona!!! Just email me at jbrettkelly@gmail.com and will send right now!
    have a fab weekend!

  3. Awww Torrie! I hope you get well soon. Sending you kisses and good vibes.

    P.S. If you participated in this giveaway please leave your comment again. Blogger re-posted it without the comments. I apologize and thank you.

  4. I always think that self-tanner smells vaguely like french fries myself. :) I'll have to try Clinique's next time. I love L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze but you can't use it too long because it has AHAs and you will start to peel and get splotchy.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  5. Ah, feel better! And note to your sick self: I've just learned that today is World Cocktail Day. Splash some cold medicine in one and enjoy the weekend. ;)

  6. I have that same self tanner! I love it! Thanks for the sweet email today, and hope you feel better soon :)

    ps I don't have twitter as of yet, but I will keep you updated!

  7. like i said earlier thanks for the sweet thoughts and shout out. xoxo feel better.

  8. I'm totally buying that this weekend. Thanks lady! Hope you feel better asap!

  9. chuckle... feeling good on the outside helps when feel crappy.

  10. Isn't that always the way...when one thing sucks (you're sick), your hair looks awesome? Tan and sick is better than pale and sick, right? Feel better soon!

  11. I'm so sorry to read that you aren't/weren't feeling well. My one dd fell ill with an intestinal bug last Monday and finally felt better Saturday night... just as her twin started with it. Ugh! I might have to put my hubby on Dr duty tonight so I can get out of the house. Perhaps I'll head over to the mall and pick up some self tanner (I am SO pale!). Thanks for the rec!

  12. Thank you everyone for the well wishes!! I'm happy to report that I'm back to good health today (almost) =).

  13. I'm a fan of the L'Oreal spray tan in a can, but have learned that it must be applied by another person to keep from being uneven. I currently have a big orange spot on the back of my knee :-/

    Thanks for stopping by Cardigan Junkie!

  14. I'm terrified to try self tanner, but want to stay out of full on sun exposure. I've got the tanning towel things, but just keep staring at them. If you say this works and I don't have to smell like a diaper...



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