Give & get.

Have you heard about Gap's current Let It Go promotion with Goodwill?  All you have to do is bring a clothing donation (one or more... not brand-specific), and you'll receive 30% (35% with your Gap card) off of your total purchase. 
When I woke up and saw this message yesterday, I did a quick closet sweep, grabbed my $10.00 rewards card that I earned a while back, and headed to the mall.  A positive impact for both the community, and my closet. Win-win. 

After streamlining my closet the past 6 months... purging & revamping, I've slowly stocked up on basics and versatile pieces.  For once in my life, I know exactly what I have and what I need.  For this trip, I needed white, and shorts.  I only had 3 pairs, which I decided to donate yesterday- all 3 of them.  For me, shorts are always difficult to come by.  They're either too short, too long, too high-waisted, too something or other.  Each summer, I manage to find a couple of new pairs, more by process of elimination than choice.  So, I was happy to find a style that fit perfect, and I actually liked.  Not too short (haven't exercised enough to get to the "short-shorts" point... maybe today's spinning class will get me closer- or maybe those days are simply long gone), not too 'Bermuda-ish' (although these can be rolled down), and not too high in the waist.  {Sorry if this was entirely way TMI.}

Here's my reward for cleaning out and donating a few items in my closet...
Left to right; top to bottom:

shrunken cardigan, tie neck top (they're out of stock online, but there's a couple of similar items here, and here), white shorts, boardwalk shorts, linked belt, burnished edge belt (couldn't find the one I purchased online, but these 2 are fairly similar), ribbed tank

If you need a push to clean out that closet, or just an excuse to go shopping, here's your chance.



  1. I am jealous you got that tie neck top. I love it and missed out on it :(

  2. That is such a great idea. I love all the items on your reward, those belts are flirting with me... uhmmmm.

  3. Everything you got looks so fresh! I really like the larger belt and the tie top. And I'm with you on finding shorts.

    I bought Jillian Michaels yoga workout (which made me think of you) and I'm going to try it today. I needed something new to challenge me.


  4. omg! I have one foot out the door!!!! I need those pants Danielle keeps talking about. Good thing I cleaned out my closet yesterday :) great timing...

  5. A great excuse to go shopping :)

  6. Cute stuff, Torrie! Thanks for the info...I *dread* shorts--I don't have any that I like (I have the length issue as well), so maybe I will try out the ones you got!

  7. Torrie,
    Thanks for sharing this...I am pretty sure that I am going to purge a pair of shorts that I have already purchased for this season back in Feb. What was I thinking? Not ready for them.

    Love all your purchases. Happy Weekend!

  8. Great buys! Now you have to post some photos of yourself in these. Agree with you about the shorts, they are tricky and hard to find that exact great length. I just bought with a dropped crotch (say that six times over) and not sure if they are waaay too young for me.

  9. Dang it! I couldn't get to Gap this weekend but I need some new summer clothes. Looks like mama will be paying full retail! LOL! Love your picks!


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