Brighter & Lighter Recipe Exchange: Beet, Olive Oil, & Spice Cake

4 months ~ 17 weeks ~ 119 days left.

Until I reunite with my bikini.

Which means serious action must be taken.

Which is why I was so delighted to read about Michelle's new recipe exchange.  Dishes to satisfy our winter cravings, while gearing us up for the promise of spring... a promise that summer is right around the corner

I have the perfect recipe to share.  A healthy cake!  You may have been taken aback, as I was, to see the words "beet" and "cake" in the same recipe.   But trust me- it's one of those not-what-you'd-expect outcomes.  Sweet, but spicy.  Indulgent, yet light.  Moist.  Unique.  Flourless.  ...& Red (just the right color for the upcoming holiday). 

In December, Ryan and I went to a Moroccan cooking class (@ Hipcooks- an LA cooking school that I wrote about in the fall exchange) .  Lots of you were curious about the recipes.  I had yet to try them, but do plan on recreating the entire meal, and of course, sharin' the details.  So, first up- our final course of the evening... dessert.
{Click recipe to print.} 

a little note...
I love Hipcook's recipe style.  They encourage you to use recipes as purely a guide.  To cook with your “inner chef,” and most importantly, to have fun in the kitchen... not stress over a measurement (even with baking, to an extent).  With this recipe, make don’t be afraid to be bold with the spices.  For instance, you use quite a bit of fresh ginger- more than you'd think you'd need, but it works.  Remember, it's a spice cake! 

Make sure to head over to Michelle's, @ Pretty Mommy to discover the formula for the perfect chocolate chip cookie (whole wheat too!) and a simple citrus couscous (a perfect way to kick-off the exchange... not 1, but 2 recipes). 
If you want to join us, there's still time to sign up!  Right here.


  1. Oh, I love this! Can't wait to try it. And someday we have to sway Morocco stories.

  2. OMG! I will make this--or Susan will.

  3. Your so funny. I am cracking up on the first line of the post. Girl- how you look in your pics I am betting that you will look just fine in your bk! Sorry i haven't been by in a while, busy busy and nowleaving for San Antonio this afternoon. Love ya to pieces. oh and that cake- looks delicious but something I would never make but now I am interested so I must make it!


  4. This looks so interesting! Not sure I could sell RBB on it, but I'll try! I only have 5 weeks until bikini. I'm not happy!

  5. You have me so intrigued with this recipe. Sounds delicious.

  6. i actually love beets! and cooincidentally, my "recipe" for this exchange involves them too (but not in a cake! =) looks interesting, i've never made a cake like this. and i love cream cheese frosting!

    thanks for reminding me how many days until bikini season. unfortunately around here, bikini season is all freakin' year! ;)

  7. Andrew HATES beets but I don't think he really knows what they taste like. I wonder if I made this cake if he'd like it. Or is that too sneaky?


  8. I've heard about putting beets in cake and how great they are! I want to try. This looks outstanding and even better that it's healthy. Thanks for the recipe, Torrie. Have a great weekend!


  9. Mmmmh! It looks so yummy! I need to try it. Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.

  10. My days of bikinis are over sadly after having four kiddos but love anything with beet! Have a fab weekend!

  11. I have only had beets one time in my life and I thought it was going to be cranberry sauce...not a good surprise! I think I was traumatized or something because I have not had them since! Ha ha! I need to try this recipe to get over my fear!! :)

  12. Looks yummy! Thanks for reminding me that I can do more with beets than just roast them! We get *tons* of them in our farm share! :)

  13. I love beets, as of recently. I will have to give this a go! Thanks!

  14. I am intrigued...just had a beet salad at lunch! I think this sounds so healthy and delicious. And I just saw a recipe on Smitten Kitchen which used olive oil too. And sweet and spicy sounds like a great combination.

  15. Oh yum, this looks beautiful and delicious! I must try it!!

  16. that looks sooo good!! and your bathing suit countdown scares me!!!

  17. I love me some beets and can not wait to make this!!!

    My bikini and I are still not speaking to one another after last summer. Maybe we'll come to some sort of understanding but after these past few months, it's not looking too good. :)


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