Through the eyes of a teenager.

It's official.  Today, Jacob is 13.  Since he was a baby, we've tried not to fixate on the younger years, and endlessly wish our days away... wishing he was still 6 months, or 1, or 2, or 3...  We wanted to truly enjoy each age, and look forward to the next.  It used to get on our nerves when someone warned us how fast "time flies" or even worse, "enjoy 'em while you can."  We knew they meant well, but it was sort of a 'rain on our [happy] parade.'

But I can honestly say, that the past couple of years have brought a wealth (to put it nicely) of mixed emotions... on all accounts- Ryan, myself, and the growing boy himself- Jacob.  Emotions of happiness, regret, pride, fear, exhilaration, exasperation.  When it comes to the kids, it's a fine line between what I am comfortable sharing- and not sharing, and I realize I haven't come close to crossing that line, but I will say this.  Older kids can be a bit more complex.  A tad (or heap, depending on the day) more moody.  And a lot more cheeky.  And there days when "not fixating" on those younger years is not so easy.

Although I may need to take a 7 year solo vacation get my hands on this book  [immediately], I think we we got pretty darn lucky.  And although these older years can be challenging, they can be pretty enjoyable too - and quite entertaining.   

Come rain or shine, we commit to fully embracing the teenage ride... being one with the drama.

A few reasons why we're so smitten with this boy, as seen through the lens of his own camera.

He can be very serious...

...and very silly.

He is highly intellectual, fascinated by nature, history, & information of all sorts.

(an unknown specimen in his microscope)
But then again, he's a teenage boy- so anything involving poop (or any bodily function) captures his attention.

And speaking of being a teenage boy, cleanliness & organization are not always his utmost priorities.

But he does know a good meal when he sees one.

(This Boy Scout camp meal did not meet his culinary expectations.)

He'll always be a kid @ heart.

He loves his sister...

 ...and his parents.

 (recognize this?)

And we love him too.

Happy birthday Jacob!

* All photographs courtesy of Jacob Sessions.


  1. Ohhhh!! Happy Birthday to Jacob!! This post made me cry! I was never this emotional before having my son. Ha! The title of that book made me laugh! Love it!! This was a nice peek into my future with our son! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Love this post. We've talked about this many times, we too love to enjoy each phase and live for each new stage. Jacob seems like such a great kid. Happy, happy birthdaybto him!

  3. happy birthday jacob! (and to you too torrie.)

  4. Awww, what adorable pictures. This is such a sweet post, Torrie. You and Ryan must know what you're doing because you have an awesome family. Happy birthday to Jacob! It's hard to believe you're old enough to have a teenager. Have a great weekend celebrating!


  5. Happy happy bday to your lil' man! I hope he had a fabulous day!

  6. awww, sweet post! happy birthday to your little one (or not so little one)! love his photos too. as you know, i love kids' photos!

    hope jacob has a fabulous birthweek!

  7. aww i love how you set this up - with his own pictures!!

    (and is it bad that i probably would have taken a picture of the poop sign too??)

    happy birthday to your son!

  8. Happy Birthday Jacob! I love seeing the images Jacob has captured!! :)

  9. Love all these pics including the ones of his room. Happy Birthday to him!(also the one of his parents is so lovely - are you really that young?)

  10. this is so cool, I hope someday when he's older he comes across this post!


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