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Really, "endless winter" is meant in a metaphoric sense, since when it comes to seasons, let's be honest.  Winter, here in sunny California is pretty much non-existent.  Maybe it's because of the gorgeous weather we've been enjoying... or the fact that my house is in MAJOR need of a good ol' deep cleaning - but whatever the case -

I finally spy a glimmer of SPRING @ the end of the holiday madness 'winter tunnel.'
{Speaking of spring cleaning,  my amazing, talented, out-of-this world, patient, and KIND friend, Ana, from Live & Enliven, is making a few improvements to my {blog} pad... right at this very moment.  So, if you notice anything a little different, that's why :)}

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. those little peacocks are darling.

    yes, as we are (still) painting we've been vacuuming and dusting along the way. it's slightly horrifying.

  2. We had more snow last night. Photos coming :)

  3. Our winter has been pretty rough this year and it is looking seemingly endless! I'm still working on getting things done around the house (too cold and blustery to venture out!).
    Your blog looks great!

  4. 10 inches on wednesday night. I love winter so much, but around February? I start hoping for the beach!
    P.S. I am looking for someone to teach me the ins and outs of how to make my blog look nicer. I realize that sounds incredibly silly but I have no idea what I'm doing...do folks usually hire someone or is there a service you turn to?

  5. Just walked in the door from zero temperatures so I am loving this print right now. I can deal with 20's not below zeros!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. I'm trying to enjoy winter as much as I can. Before I know it, it will be over! Our trees are already budding. :)

  7. @SmartBear Not silly at all! If you are wanting a new look, or just a few changes, I would highly recommend Ana, @Live & Enliven. Personally, for me- when I started the blog, I was going to pay for a template- because 1) I had no idea what I was doing, and 2) I thought it'd be great to have someone- a contact so to speak- that I could turn to for future design questions/issues. But I quickly saw that the designer was in over her head and I would have to wait months, and seeing the rate at which she responded to me (as well as her approach to customer service), I knew I wouldn't be able to ask her for any future assistance. So, I decided to learn at least the basics and do it on my own (with the help of my husband, who- at the time had a little more Photoshop knowledge than I did).

    My recent changes came about because I won a blog makeover (from Ana), but I didn't really need a whole makeover, so I asked her is she'd make a few of the changes that I'd been wanting to make- that I didn't know how to do, and didn't have the time to learn. Working with her was night and day compared to the other designer... a totally different work ethic, approach, and demeanor.

    So, it is definitely possible to learn on your own (feel free to ask me whatever questions you have, or if you need some good links). But if you don't have the time (it does take quite a bit of time!), again- I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Ana! :)

  8. @Karen Thank you Karen! At least you have a good excuse for staying in and being productive around the house, right? :)

  9. ahh i am jealous of your "winter" - even mine isn't that bad here in ga - but i'm soooo over it!!! excited about your changes!


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