Delegate it {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

Lots of action around our house today.  

First & foremost- since you were all unbelievably supportive in regards to our little thievery last week, I must update you.  The guy was caught.  He made the careless mistake of dropping his cell phone in a nearby vehicle (of which he also stole from), giving the police quite the lead.  Unfortunately, he'd already sold the games, and other missing items, but so kindly kept the empty game case.  In any event, it brought a sense of [unexpected] closure.
Second, I am participating in my very first blogger pal's (Jessica) 2011 Recipe Challenge.  It's such a simple, uncomplicated series, which is just the reason I signed up.  The challenge?  Each month, try a new recipe or create your own, send her a photo, and she'll include them all in one post.  Easy Peasy.  Tonight called for simplicity, so that's exactly what I went for.  Need cooking inspiration?  Check it (and others) out @ my favorite food blog, Kitchen Belleicious.

Anyhow, not an evening that brought the ability or desire to spend quality time with the laptop.  So, I of course did what any great leader would do- delegateA skill that emerges maybe a bit too naturally, I admit.   Actually, it was pretty cool stopping to ask my kids their thoughts... to engage them in a conversation of something other than how much Hailey doesn't want to eat her vegetables and how many more bites need to be eaten.

So, here are their word-for-word responses to this weeks' list-

Leaders you are inspired by...

God.  Because He created the whole entire universe and the earth and He created us, families, and all the animals.
Abraham Lincoln.  He was the president during the Civil War.  Even though he was depressed, he kept trying really hard to fight for what he thought was right, like ending slavery.
Barack Obama.  He made a good choice for deciding to become a president- NOT a principal.
George Washington.  He was a General in the Revolutionary War and he created the White House.
Michelle Obama.  Because she makes sure everybody's healthy, and when she's on Disney Channel commercials she adds lots of vegetables to foods like salad and other food. 
Mom & Dad. You manage to have two kids and a dog.  You make us do homework all the time and make sure we finish.  You teach us responsibility like cleaning our rooms and give us rewards for doing good things.  And you do a lot of other things like work, classes, cooking, blog, cleaning, and reading.
Mommy & Daddy.  You both say the right things.  You forget my library books sometimes - but that's okay.  You make us eat vegetables.  You make us clean our rooms everyday.  You tell us not to say bad words like the "F" word ["freakin"] and "S" word ["stupid"].
So,  there you have it!  Now your turn.  What leaders inspire you??  If you have a list of your own, link up at Danielle's (and then check out the others')!  If you don't have a post to link up, share anyways- with a comment :).
 *Next week- same time, same place...  Discover the topic, right here.


  1. torrie, i love your post. love that both kids included mom and dad as leaders, it brought a little tear to my eye...i am such a sap!

    and thanks for introducing me to a new food blog...can't wait to check it out.

    still plugging though Nigella's cookbook. have you tried any good recipes lately? on the agenda for this week is her cheesy risotto and one of her egg dishes.

  2. I love that the kids answered this week! Great responses. Such good kiddos you have Torrie. Hug them extra tight this morning!

  3. Great post!

    I will definitely check out the food Blog today.

    I am making Tortellini, Kale, Keilbasa and Cannelloni Soup (and no-knead rye bread) today! (Bon Appetit Feb 2002 cover story). I have made it many times and it is always a WOW.

    My Mom and Dad. My Fiance. My Children.

  4. Seems those kids are so smart becuase they have smart parents. I love that the guy was caught, how wonderful for Jacob to get a little bit of justice and closure!

  5. Gah! I forgot it was listography Wednesday! Since I changed days off I have no idea what day of the week I'm on.

    Thanks for letting us "eavesdrop" on your kids' conversation. I loved it! (Even though you forget to return library books sometimes. . . ) How adorable.

  6. Bestie-
    So cute! Love saps:).
    As for Nigella... so funny; I've been thinking about her book lately and how it's been a while since I've made anything from it. I've been making lots of blog recipes lately, but I will crack it open soon, for sure.

    I will give them lots of hugs when they get home (they helped me out on this one after all:).

    What time's dinner?? Seriously- I'm doing a Google search on that cover. Sounds like a perfect meal, and one that's right up my cooking/eating alley. Love your list too.

    Such an astute observation!

    I know… Shame on me, right?? :)

  7. Ok...first off, I am so glad they got the craphead who stole the games.

    Second, I think I love your kids. What a brilliant list!! That says a lot about you as a momma! I love this post.

  8. Some of the same are on my list :) Mom and Dad, that is wonderful!!

  9. Awwww! I love that you asked your kiddos!
    Margaret Sanger always comes to mind for me as an inspiration. She spearheaded the very controversial birth control pill. Her story is amazing and often overlooked.

  10. Wow - you've got some really clever kiddo-s!! Such sweet answers.

    They must learn from the best! ;)


  11. Like the F word...dying...SO cute!

  12. LOVE IT! What a wonderful list and an awesome way to get your kids involved in your "work" cough cough! hey- blogging can feel like work sometimes right? Anyway, your so sweet to mention me today and your dish was incredible. I love jacob and hailey's answer. They are some smart kids- wonder who they get that from? Humm....


  13. OMG Torrie-too cute! seriously you need to save this. And...glad they caught the guy even though you didn't get back your items. And I have not checked out your favorite food bog...but will do so.

  14. Tina-
    Yes, what a wonderful person, that I would have never thought of, to add to the list!

    Yes- it’s totally like a job!!! A fun job though:).

  15. fabulous post and laughing out loud. {freakin'--happens to be MY cuss word of choice and i am really BAD about using it in front of my kids.}

    what a great way to start a conversation with children about leadership and what makes a good leader. i'm going to talk to Ava about this tonight. she's only five so i am very interested to see what she says.

    the leader i'm inpired by is my dad. he's the only leader than has never let me down.

  16. just checked next week's list. definitely making that one. and then going to work on checking it off! =)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. i'm so glad they caught the guy - it sucks that you couldn't get the games back, but at least your son got to see the example that yes, there is evil in the world, but sometimes good wins out :)

    ps - your kids seem awesome! i especially love their answers about mom and dad. so sweet.


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