Our summer.

{since this is the blog is essentially my journal ~ or the closest i have to one ~ and since i have failed to post in this "journal" on a regular any basis, i'd like to share 'our summer' in a single post. in other words, i apologize for the onslaught of photos. ~unedited photos! *read this: paragraph #2.}

a garden, a graduation, a big-10-celebration, a few picnics, a "few" bottles of wine, 
family & friends, pierced ears & a clean shave, 
a well-checked list
& many, many memories.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I like the way you pay attention to all the small and large things in your family life.

  2. Looking through your photos it makes me think how we all have these individual lives that we live. They all are different but so many elements are the same. Family, friends, kids growing up, special moments together. It's really beautiful and real. I also love seeing you in photographs. What a lovely summer. xx

  3. That all sounds so lovely. I especially love the pierced ears and shave.

  4. a very good recap of summer...oh how i wish it could go on and on forever.

  5. Love this summer to now blog post - every picture says a thousand words...love the sleeping in a tent ones and you in your red dress you look fabulous - welcome back!!!!

  6. What a summer. Looks like so much fun and you guys really inspire me to camp with Emerson (someday) and have more picnics!


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