Remember this little peach tree?
The first summer, it gave us a few... Last year, next to none (due to pruning too late, and possible over-pruning).

This year, we learned our lesson- and it paid off. Or rather- paid out.

We've frozen some, baked with others...

and simply drank the rest.

It's amazing how quickly you can use 'em up when you put your mind to it.

Peach Margarita

serves 3
2 peaches
1/2 c tequila
1/4 c grand marnier
1 1/2 T honey
1 T lime juice (1 lime)
1 1/2 c ice

1 T sugar
2 T salt (kosher)
lime wheel

mix salt & sugar.
rub lime wedge on edge of glasses.
dip in salt & sugar.

blend remaining ingredients, & pour.

garnish glasses with lime wheel.

*peeling the peaches is optional.
(we've been leaving them unpeeled)

{ryan found the recipe here}
It's a good one.


  1. just so happens I have some ripe peaches and tequila :) I know what I'll be drinking tonight! Jealous of your tree, though!

    1. i'm glad you tried them! definitely now on our permanent summer list :).

  2. That looks like a beautiful tree! We had one at our old house but the birds always got to the peaches before they were fully grown.

    1. we are so fortunate (among all of our other gardening issues/mishaps) to have *not had this issue!

      ...but more importantly~ CONGRATULATIONS again!! so happy for you (and can't wait to see baby pictures :).

  3. You don't know how insanely JEALOUS I am! I wish we could grow peach trees here. Have a peach margarita for me (as I stifle a sob...). ;)

    1. oh, i'll take my generousity one step further... and have TWO for you. cause i'm super nice like that ;). xoxo

  4. yum yum and yum. i have a few peaches (from whole foods which makes it a little different) calling my name....margarita!


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