In bloom.

We're back from another wonderful wine country vacation, and I'm ready to write... to post... to read... to connect (or re-connect, I should say)... but also wanting to enjoy the part of summer that I love most. The part where Hailey's birthday celebrating (July 2nd) is over. The vacation planning, preparing, packing is complete (& likewise~ the unpacking hell) {camping can be a whole lotta work}. 

...the part of summer where relaxation mode has fully set in. Where we take all the inspiration from that wonderful vacation... from the books we've read... meals we've tasted... seeds we planted... and put it to good use. our own backyard.
{So in an effort to do all/both of the above~ blog + summer ~ I've decided to stop over-thinking it, and keep my posts short & sweet... starting with this article that Stephanie shared with me yesterday...}

It was more timely & relevant than Stephanie may have realized when she generously took the time to send me the link. And I'd strongly encourage you to read it too... So this is me, sending you the link :).


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