The pursuit of happiness.

Last week was Ryan's final week at Starbucks Coffee Company.  Definitely the end of an era, for him- and for us (a combined 27 years, between the two of us).  The week was filled with goodbyes & a bit of coffee-amassing (we'll definitely miss our free pound per week)... Goodbyes, tax appointments, colds & fevers (that started with Hailey, & ended with me, in a big way), homework assignments... packing, playlists, & car repairs.  The boys were headed to the snow on Friday for an ice climbing trip.  Needless to say, it was a busy week.  He literally turned in his [company-owned] laptop and [practically new, company-owned iphone 5], picked up his final paycheck, & they were on their way.

So Hailey and I fended for ourselves for a few days... 

a little recovering, pizza & a movie {in bed~ the highlight of our weekend, for sure :)}, a bit of valentine shoppin', a high-adventure girl-scout-cookie-selling-dog-walk, an art walk, a day of cleaning (for all of the cleaning that was not done in the preceding days), & a big pot of short ribs... a welcome home dinner, a farewell to the week- to 27 years- and a hello to a new adventure.

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the aforementioned valentine's shoppin'... not surprisingly, my mom considered valentine's day another "big holiday." 
so do i
commercialism/forced affection/hallmark hoopla... bring it on.


a few of the treats i bought for the kids (not really valentine related, but sentimental nonetheless)...

...the book above (for my earnest, curious, book-lovin' boy)... a little set of worry dolls for each (do you remember these? thanks to mrs. habit i was reminded of them, & their simple wonder)... the little pig game!! (do you remember this?? thanks to kelle l was reminded of them as well, & their simple wonder ;))... a "beef-jerky-chocolate confection" (hmmmmm.) a little hello kitty pink cocoa (why not?), & of course, a few conversation starters.

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pure nostalgia.


  1. I still have the worry dolls my mom gave me as a kid and I gave jack some last year.

  2. oh're bringing on a big case of nostalgia and memories with that pig mania game. where did you find it??!! i was going to comment about moving on, happy that you had a chill weekend, and how much we adore vtine's day too, but at the end, i was only left with thoughts of leaning jowler - mega points for that position!

    1. i thought of YOU when i wrote this!!

      {can always count on you to share my excitement in these matters :)…}

      …i linked where i found it/bought it!


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