Stamped with love.

{my valentine~ who never complains when asked to jump right in... to cabbage-chopping and homework-helping- immediately upon entrance- after a LONG day at 'the office'- for his wife who has once again put herself in a position to make her way through a heavy-hearted party city- in search of red napkins... the night before.}

hope yours is filled with LOVE& candy.


  1. Those are just adorable. More creative than the treat bags I put together!

  2. What a great bloke you have! And I am loving seeing those sweet wee hands making the treats

  3. such a fantastic and cute idea! I love the handmade stamped cards. You are the bomb mom!

  4. What a great husband! And those are too cute :)
    XX Jessica

  5. super super cute Tori! Hope you are doing well. :)


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