Eat your heart out.

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  (from the show that gave football an entirely new meaning)
 (...but don't ask me which team i'm rooting for.)

I may not know which teams are playing, but I do know we'll have a full house, full hearts, and a very full table.
...No baked beans this year {even though they were amazing~ i'd highly recommend}. This year is all about the wings, or drumsticks, rather.  I've yet to try either recipe- but how could you go wrong with a "spicy, sweet, salty" Sriracha glaze- or an authentic "warm up your belly" Jamaican jerk chicken (from one of my new[-to-me] favorite food blogs)?...diligently testing this recipe and this one tonight, cause the super bowl [menu] is serious business.  And I'd hate to put out anything but a winning dish.
...But really, sriracha, fresh ginger, brown sugar...

Can't lose.


  1. I'd watch the if Superbowl if Coach Eric Taylor and his guys were in it! :) xo

    1. {a very belated reply}…
      if ONLY!!

      and as for your other comment- i do my best proofreading *after i press “enter” :).

  2. PS Can you tell I'm still off coffee by the above comment? Nice proofreading, Katie!

  3. i just heart sriracha. I just do and i think any hot wings with that included is A okay to me!

    1. oh my gosh jessica… they were SO good……. not quite sriracha-y enough though, so we added more (never hurts, right??)!

      i need to do a little update on the bottom of the post though in terms of the recipe.

      there is a mistake! they need to be at 475 instead of 375!


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