I've fallen and I can't get up.

from a week of birthday festivities straight into a week at home with the kids, to a lovely holiday weekend... i've fallen straight into summer mode... & i don't know if i will be able to 'get back up.'

 no shorter cups on hand, so we made do (since we're never short on these "cups")

my favorite easter egg :)

the easter bunny has an eye for beauty

...and an appetite for carrots

her easter treat

a glazed ham for the holiday

{remember when i talked about new traditions?  well, this holiday, we started a new one... a ham to enjoy the night before easter (and the morning of :)).  my mom & her husband hosted a wonderful easter lunch/dinner yesterday, but this is the one holiday that tends to change each year- in terms of location/time/food... so our plans are always a bit different from year to year.  but, saturday is always the day of easter egg dying & "bunny prep"... a perfect day for an annual spring feast, don't you think?  and even better- Split. Pea. Soup. Tonight.}

*this will serve as last week's tried & true recipe since i slacked a bit and didn't post one (summer mode, i tell ya)...  it was our first attempt at ham, and this is the recipe we used... ridiculously simple & so very tasty (& fun to score, i might add).  i've made their split pea soup recipe before (with my grandma's leftover christmas ham)... equally simple & delicious, and it's what i'll be using tonight!


  1. That egg is too cute! And that sounds like the perfect tradition to start!!

  2. You know, I had a wonderful weekend as well. We rented a room at a hotel with an indoor pool on Friday. I took the kids to swim in the afternoon and then William and his mom joined us for a bit. THEN, William's mom whisked the kids away and me and the hubz got a date night. Woke up late, spent the rest of the day with the kids. Sunday was church and Easter eggs and a lovely "Easter party" complete with crafts that my 6 year old had planned. Onto napping and a visit from my bestie and her clan. SO lovely. I hope this amount of peace and happiness is the new tradition. Glad you had a great holiday. I know what you mean about summer fever. I just had three day weekend and I have it too. I blame fabulous California weather.

  3. Hey sweetie! Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Love the egg!

  4. what a lovely and yummy new tradition! our easter plans change each year as well - nice to keep something consistent! LOVE the pretty mommy egg. My favorite too!

  5. I'll say it again: Haley is too precious
    And goodness gracious that ham looks amazing!


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