Ever since it became available to Android users, I've become completely & utterly ADDICTED.

And it's not just the cool filters, or the ability to share, but the quick hits of inspiration I {need} get from browsing through others' pics ...while waiting in the school pick-up line, in between toilet-scrubbing- when I need a little jolt of inspiration.

That said, I posted a pic of two books I planned on cracking open, but due to last week's craziness, had yet to do so. 

{...two books that were highly recommended from two of my favorite ladies.}

So, last night I finally had a chance to start.  First up- Parisian Chic (because I needed a little "light" reading after a non-stop day).  I'm only a few pages in, and already in love.  I think you need to read it too.  Seriously.  So we can be "chic" together.  Here's a lil' excerpt...
The Parison loves discovering new labels, especially if they're creative and affordably priced.  She will rave about a great find in the humble supermarket (yes, really!  Parisans adore the Monoprix chain), but never fights to be first with the latest high-priced bag, especially not if it's waiting-list only (so vulgar...).  Her wardrobe is a clever mix of cheap and affordable buys, holiday purchases, and a handful of luxury pieces.  Impossible to tell if her jeans or denim jacket are from Gap, Notify, H&M, or Hermes!  She won't blow her salary on the latest "must-have"- she can't afford it, for one talent as a fashion stylist:  why spend so much on something she could have designed herself?  The Parisan knows she will never go out of style.  She sweeps fashion aside (but she always sports a telling detail gleaned from the latest trends).  It's part of her charm.

Pure FUN.  

Between this, Simplicity Parenting, Instagram, and getting caught up on this lovely lady's blog- so that when these books are finished, I can begin her book (already ready & waiting on my bookshelf, along with a box of tissues in which I know for a fact that I will need)... I'm totally covered this weekend- entertainment-wise.  

Now if only I can figure out how to keep the rest of my family busy, while I lay and bed & read all weekend.................

What's on your nightstand?  And more importantly- are YOU on Instagram??

{if you are, I would highly suggest following the aforementioned "lovely lady's" feeda total happy-maker :)}


  1. I'm heading to the library website to request it stat.

  2. awww thanks for the mention!! So glad you're enjoying it...total fun/relaxing/inspiring read!

  3. Torrie-I really love posts about books and I would love to read both of these. I have not heard of the parenting one but it sounds interesting and knowledge is serious power when it comes to parenting right? I wonder if I can get that on the kindle?I am reading book 2 of the Hunger Games at the moment. Actually my hubby is reading it too! Have a great weekend.

  4. just ordered Parisian Chic :)

  5. I'm really enjoying Simplicity Parenting! I'm ashamed to say that I've had it for quite some time (after Jora recommended it on Joslyn's blog) but finally cracked it open when friends started talking about it on Twitter. It has really great "Sure, that totally makes sense!" advice. Maybe we can chat about it while we both read it?

  6. My sister keeps bugging me to add that blog to my reader...I need to. And I need to check out that parenting book. We are in a bad swing of back talk and not listening. Ugh!

  7. That excerpt is probably more accurately describing French girls in general. There's a good fraction of Paris girls that care a little more about high fashion. Look up the series 'Pardon My French - Garance Doré' on youtube for a taste!

  8. Fantastic! I am appreciating both those books and love that women Ines, she defines that french simplicity. We're always looking for good advice on parenting too!


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