A cup of comfort.

it's amazing how one week, you're frolicking through wine country, livin' it up- no restrictions applied...
and within days, your whole world turns upside down.

the past week has been pretty awful.  ryan has been sick since wednesday... the kind of sick that involved dr's appointments, antibiotics, testing, waiting, new antibiotics, more testing, more waiting... 

he's finally almost 'back to normal', and we're hoping to get some answers tomorrow... to reach an end to this restless waiting game that we've been thrust into "playing" since 2:30am on wednesday morning.

in the midst of waiting, we've all been pretty unplugged... quieter than usual- which has actually been a blessing in disguise.  with caffeine and wine out of the question, there was one constant each afternoon... a cup of tea.   it's been said that "there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea" {bernard-paul heroux}.  

so very true.

the kids joined us in our new little ritual after arriving home from school on a rainy friday afternoon.

tea & television... ahhh the good life

he was the "good" boy... choosing instead to finish his book while enjoying his tea :).


on the bright side, these moments sure do have a way snapping everything right into perspective, don't they?


  1. tea is an absolute necessity when on a wine/caffeine detox...I look forward to this ritual, too.

  2. Oh what good kids you have and I think this ritual is fabulous!

  3. I hope this week is better!

  4. Hope everything is ok- thinking of you :)

  5. sending good thoughts your way and hoping for another quiet (due to good news) week for you. xoxo

  6. I hope everything is okay, Torrie! Thinking of you guys... xoxo

  7. UPDATE: we just got a call from the dr. with the results that we've been waiting for. all is good!!! ...a huge relief :). thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and concern. it means a great deal to me.

  8. So happy to see your update in the comments and that the results were good! Hopefully all is, or will be, back to normal soon. :)

  9. Very glad to hear that it was not the super scary. So sorry you had a scare.

  10. Tea definitely fixes everything! xx


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