Achy breaky heart {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

This week's list is an interesting one. ... "List couples who you were sad to see break up."

I'm going with celebrity couples here, and in doing so, I'm a little split on this topic.  On one hand, I'm actually a little sad anytime I hear of a long-term relationship ending... whether I know the couple personally or just via magazine covers and tweets.  I come from a divorced family in which I've seen both of my parents start and end several relationships- firsthand.  Whether a couple has been together several months or several years- it's never an easy process.  Even when the ultimate decision is quick and seemingly effortless, it's usually preceded by much frustration, tears, anger... all the icky no-fun-at-all stuff.

That said- I just don't get celebrity relationships.  Some- I don't buy into from the start.  Others seem to be the real deal and 'together-forever' status and then sink that ship real quick with issues of infidelity, sexual addiction (really??)...  And when I actually try to wrap my mind around it- I start wondering- are any of them for real??  I do believe that some have truly found a way to make it work, but seriously- if I put too much thought, effort, or concern into this topic, my brain starts to get a little numb and then I get all upset about people that I don't even know... and I need my brain sharp & emotions in tact, as I've got my own relationship to manage after all!


These nonchalant feelings do not, by any means, translate into T.V. break-ups.  Ross & Rachel, Sam & Diane, David & Donna...

But nothing compares to this sad, sad split.

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Where do you stand on this topic??  Any parting-of-the-ways that left you especially distraught?

Emily's got the link my friends.  Comment here or post there :).

{And on an entirely different topic... since I wasn't able to get my last Listography post done- and I have OCD it will drive me crazy if I have nothing to link, I'd like to note that my favorite vehicle was my very first car- a 1980 Honda hatchback (although that lime green Gremlin my mom sported us around in comes in at a close second)...  a little white beauty (sadly suffered the same fate as Butch's).}

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  1. hummm. the wonder years break up was a tough one- I am still thinking of the breakup of ross and rachel on friends though? I am at a loss to think of any others but my friend- that car is rockin!

  2. Sam and Diane!!!!!!!! Great one to list! You always find things to list I never even thought about. Love it.

  3. How could I have forgotten about Wonder Years?

  4. Oh this is a tough one for me. Probably too deep to go into in a comment. Although, I really appreciate everything that you've written about divorce. Ah, I just can't go there at the moment. So in honor of keeping it light - I'll add to your 90210 break ups, David and Donna, Brenda and Dylan?? Come on - the whole Brenda/Dylan/Kelly triangle... that was big for me. =)

  5. Great post, I've been thinking a lot about this one with the break-up of Demi and Ashton which, even them, I was sad about. Am always shocked when celeb and normal couple split, not sure why...naievete (sp?) I'm sure. Ross and Rachel were my favourites though. There is something very endearing about the combo of cute and goofy.

  6. wait! didn't donna and david end up getting married???????

  7. and on a celebrity break-up note...i'll forever be team aniston.

  8. just watched the clip... nothing worse than a broken heart. tears me up when i think of my girlies ever having to experience that heartache.


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