Girls just wanna have fun.

Do you ever find yourself bookmarking almost every single post within a single blog??  Not in a creepy Single White Female way - just a kindred spirit (aka:  we-could-totally-be-real-life-friends) kinda way.

Well, I do.  And I am, currently... bookmarking almost every single domestic dish post, that is.

Not to mention, it's author- Danielle, is simply an all around cool gal.  Happens to be on our shredcrew- and claims to enjoy Jillian's torture... but does not shy away from the opportunity to follow it up with a 'treat' here and there.  Always a kind word to offer, always a creative idea in store- or in motion, and always up for a cocktail.    

A girl who finds the FUN in life... & {effortlessly} inspires others to do the same.

Here's just a few of my recent bookmarks...
Must find the time to pull us out of maniac project mode in these last few days of spring break to have a "chic-nic."

No party to attend (or to plan), but needless to say, I gotta execute this chalk tag DIY... real soon.

And since we just organized our art bins (and discovered just how many crayons we actually have) we'll surely be making these colorful "muffins" ASAP.

Oh, & thanks to Danielle, I discovered The Possessionista, which led me to another [certainly unneeded] online shopping site- and the purchase of these...
Case in point:  If you're not following Danielle yet, well- you should be!
Endless Inspiration... & most importantly- doable- for us busy gals, who want to have a little domestic fun.
* {all images with the exception of the last are from domestic dish}


  1. I love Danielle and am always inspired by her site too!

  2. The chic-nic is such a cute idea! I'm going over to the site now. Happy Friday, Torrie!

  3. so cute! and I think I need to try this shred thing! I have not worked out all week and I am dying to get back into it. Those crayons are too adorable. Ok heading over to check this out. Have a lovely weekend Torrie.

  4. She sounds pretty awesome! I'll head over to her blog and check it out. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!!


  5. I used to love making my own crazy colorful crayons when I was little.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  6. I love the crayon muffins~! grant would go crazy for that. So glad the salmon was good! I knew you would like it! And yes- forget the diet when it comes to grill cheese!~ LOL!

  7. I love the chalk tag! Looks like she has a lot of great projects I need to try :)

  8. All fun ideas! The chic-nic, especially sounds super fun! And I always thought the idea of a chalkboard gift tag was a good one....nice, too, that it's reusable!

  9. just started following domestic dish thanks to the shred crew!! and possessionista? love, love, love her, she's my hometown follow...make sure to follow her tweets too! good stuff. good laughs!

    happy weekend! xo

  10. Thank you for the sweet words Torrie! So glad to have met you in this bloggy world, you are pretty inspiring yourself :)

  11. it's totally awesome when you find bloggers like this. i've done this and then tried to creepily be their "real" friend. sometimes it works. i always feel like a creepster.

  12. Now I want to picnic! With wine! And then I'll be in no place to make crayon muffins... :)

  13. That is a great picnic vignette and absolutely love those earings and dress that you posted, gorgeous and timeless. I'm popping over to see Domestic dish right now!

  14. The crayon cups look like so much fun to color with. It actually made me think of going to the store and buying crayons to make these with...I guess that would be a little counter-productive though...

  15. i had to tell you that i went out and bought 30 day shred, simply because you seem to be enjoying (wrong word, i know!) it! you're quite the influential blogger :)

    she isn't kidding about cramming so much into a short time frame. anyway - you should post about your undoubtedly amazing results to motivate me! only 29 days to go :)


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