Party banners.

Hailey's turning seven tomorrow, and her party is the following day.  This week has been full of party planning and preparing.  I saw this, and this post a while back and have been waiting for the opportunity to create some letter banners of my own.  Then...recently I saw this and this and now really want to create a pennant banner or two.  Love their simplicity, color, nostalgia, and most of all, that I have a new found purpose for using up the mounds of scrapbook paper that may never get 'scrapbooked.'

For those who really want a letter or pennant banner too...but are in no mood for a DIY project, see the links below for very inexpensive ones you can purchase.  For those who are up for the challenge, simply cut the letters or pennants (see the template below) out, and attach to ribbon, string, raffia, or twine, using paperclips, glue, tape, or mini clothespins.

Here are some examples of the loveliness that a banner adds.  I'll post pictures of mine after the party!

Original sources (left to right; top to bottom):  1) downloadable bunting pennant; 2) "celebrate" banner; 3) banter banner; 4) outdoor party banner; 5) festive garland; 6) flag streamers; 7) happy birthday banner


  1. yay! perfect timing!!Jacob turns 9 on the 7th and the 10th is party, these banner will come in handy!! i cant wait to get started on mine!!

  2. So cute! Have a fun weekend! Enjoy the party ;)


  3. These are all adorable, what a great mom you are! Hope you have a great party and a wonderful holiday weekend.


  4. i want one with my name on it! haha


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