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Although poster printing is not a new trend by any means, I've recently come across many unique ways to transform a simple photograph into a classic and personal piece of artwork.  I love the idea of enlarging and framing a 'non-portrait' image, such as the black & white picture above, or the nostalgic playing cards and hand-written keepsake below.  If you're interested in this type of project, as I am, see here for the 'how-to' and here for extra printing resources.  Additional image ideas can be found here.

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... Or skip the do-it-yourself altogether and order one of Debbie carlos' lovely images.

    Images via (Via here)


  1. These are so cool! I love the images of the cards. I need add more art like this to our apartment. Thanks for the suggestion about La Serenata! I actually have been there, but not for a few years and I always forget about it. After your reminder, I'll definitely be back! Thank you!

    And I'm so happy you liked the S'mores!!! Thanks for telling me about them, that made my day. :)


  2. Those ideas are amazing. I wish I were that creative- my favorite is the first one with the three girls. Oh and that blackberry pie recipe sounds absolutely incredible, summery and fresh. I must make it when we go to the beach next week. I am ashamed that your blog isn't already up on my blog love link. I swore I put it up there but it is up now.I consider you a dear friend and lucky to have meet you. Hope your having a wonderful fabulous day! XOXO Jessica

  3. That envelope looks pretty cool!


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