Unusual picnic spots.

Image scanned from 'April 2008 issue' of Gourmet

At the first glance of summer, gears are automatically switched- from eating indoors to out, from doing projects, or renting a movie to getting outside, being active, and having lots of picnics.  Lately, Hailey has been asking begging to visit her old schools, both her elementary school which unexpectedly closed down last summer, and the preschool that she attended.  We finally made it to both, and discovered that both were excellent spots for a picnic.  They were completely empty, allowing us to sit wherever we want, for as long as we desired...like an empty park in a remote area.  Now, not quite as remote (or pretty) as on the beach in Italy, as in the photo above, but a little different from the norm, and just as quiet and peaceful, which is exactly what we needed.


  1. What a great picnic spot! Your kids are adorable. Looks like a really fun day.


  2. may gourmet rest in peace - I love that scanned shot* and yes, your kids are quite adorable:) xx, Jane

  3. Thank you both:).

    Yes, may gourmet rest in peace.


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