Summer fun.

Although summer has been here for 2 weeks, I finally had the chance to sit down with the kids and ask them what they'd like to do this summer.  Throughout the year, there's so many times that I hear, "We need to do__________!" or "When can we do__________?"  A lot of their requests and 'to-do's' are really simple and very doable- like using the Snoopy snow cone maker (that sits very lonely in the garage), or playing a board game, or making smores in our back yard.  Yet, it's so easy to let the days...and weeks...and months pass us by- without doing any of these things.  I am determined not to let that happen this summer.  I was planning on making a 'summer fun wish list' today and happened to see this post from the SHIM + SONS blog in my Google reader early this morning.  Perfect timing and lost of good ideas for summer activities.

Plus, she shared a very cool downloadable 100 summer photo opportunities list via Kelly's blog.  More simple ideas for summer fun- and a reminder to capture it!

And here is one more great idea for eliminating (or reducing) those two dreaded words that never fail to come out by the 2nd week of summer.  I love this "I'm bored" jar from the Skip to my Lou blog because it puts the responsibility of entertainment in their hands, relieving a little of the "ENTERTAIN ME!!" pressure.  This blog is filled with tons of summer activities and crafts- many of which are included on our list:).


  1. My next life I want to come back and be your daughter or son, Torrie.

  2. Judy-
    Wow...thank you for your very sweet compliment. Made my day:).

  3. The "I'm bored" jar is such a great idea! You're such an organized mom. I'm sure your kids love that. Happy Summer!


  4. Love, love, love the "I'm bored jar" idea ! Thanks for leading us to it. :)


  5. Yes, hearing I'm bored gets very old very fast.


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