Summer shoes.

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.  Love having plenty to choose from.  Hate shopping for them.  The hate usually wins over the love, which leaves me literally shoeless upon entering each new season...meaning I have a very bare minimum selection of basic shoes that have weathered through last year's season.  It doesn't help that I tend to be a rich girl trapped in a poor girl's bank account in the 'shoe department.'  So, once again, procrastination prevailed, leaving me with nothing but boots and flats.

So yesterday, I spent much more time than I'd like to admit stocking up on shoes.  I must say, having places like makes this process much easier.  Great discounts, free overnight shipping, super easy returns.  Here are my buys...crossing my fingers (or should I say, toes?) that they all work out.

little disclaimers:  1) all shoes purchased on sale from and Victoria's Secret. 2) needed both basic colors that are both comfortable and versatile...and cute, hence the gold, silver, brown, and black. 3) bought 2 similar 'flower sandals' (yellow and silver)...but I really liked them both! 4) cover-up purchased from v.s. 5) note to self: Do not wait until the last minute next year, or next season, rather.
cover-up via v.s. ~ gold sandal via v.s. ~ yellow flower sandal via v.s. ~ silver flower sandal via v.s. ~ black wedge via endless ~ retro havaianas sandal via endless


  1. I love endless too! They ship so quickly, I feel like I get it the next day. You got lots of great things!


  2. Thank for the info... lovely shoes!!

  3. Cute shoes! (and love the blog by the way; I'm totally inspired to get started.)



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