Pruning your garden... pruning your cabinets.

We're over at Pink Moon Daily today, with a basic how-to on tomato plant pruning.  A seemingly daunting, but actually quite easy {& highly necessary} gardening task.

As always, I'd love it if you visit us there- & even better, if you share your thoughts, tips, questions as they relate to pruning, gardening- or tomatoes in general... favorite tomato recipe??  We'd love to hear. 

By the way, have you been over to Pink Moon Daily lately?  It's good my friends.  When it comes to researching, testing, and scoping out toxin-free, safe, clean, smart products for our skin... our home, our garden, our bellies... Estelle is truly at our service.  She (along with the other contributors on our lovely little team), does the 'heavy-lifting' for us, and does not hesitate for a second when it comes to sharin' the bottom-line... in a down-to-earth, digestible manner.  

I admit, other than a few personal care products, and almost all of our home cleaning & garden tending products- I've got a long way to go in this regard.  But with the information, the tools, the tips, the product recs right there in front of me... making the switch to greener, cleaner living- one product at a time- is increasingly becoming a no-brainer.  Instead of asking, WHY??  I'm beginning to ask WHY NOT??
{just a few examples of the aforementioned 'good stuff'...}
  {huge fans of this beloved snack, and this is a safe & convenient alternative to the 'movie theater/microwave crap' :).  we're taking a break from corn in our diet at the moment, but prior to that- we got out our trustee whirley pop on a nightly basis. popcorn n' wine... a magical combination.}
  {melissa searched high & low for this one, and I can't wait to try it.}

AND... last but not least, a...
{*click here to download this excellent guide. mine is downloaded, printed, and ready to be laminated.}
What did i tell ya??  She's there to serve us, that estelle... a clean-living heroin, in my book.


  1. Wowee, never heard of a deodorant cream. It will have its work cut out for it with moi. I am not the ladylike glower. Heading down to see what you've been up to. Sounds like you're having a blast blogging at your new beautiful spot! Good on you!

  2. never heard of whirly pop but I need to get it like now. that deodorant cream sounds so cool

    1. You’ve GOT to get one!!! One of our absolute favorite kitchen items :).

  3. How is the deodorant cream working out? Just curious. Searching for a new option. Post-pregnancy, nothing seems to work as well... Ugh.

  4. I have been using the Soapwalla deodorant for about a month now and my life is CHANGED. This stuff is amaze balls! I actually have to admit that I have been putting it on a really bad zit too. I mean it is drying and antibacterial, what could be bad? ;) Thanks for the suggestion.


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