Let's picnic.

as of sunday, her birthday is officially over.  

happy to report, the party was a success.  we kept it sweet & simple this year... 'a backyard picnic.'

here's how it all went down.
an extremely excited party-lovin', birthday-lovin' 9 yr. old.

prepped & labeled sandwiches {took their order when they arrived}.

strawberry lemonade.

a slip 'n slide...

& a big ol' beach ball. 

{take-home} picnic baskets filled with 'the goods'.

an extremely sweet group of gals.

a good patch of grass, a few blankets, and lots of shade.

a good-natured brother who played the role of "canvas" for the talented young artists.

collective "face" painting.


and of course, the handee-dandee blow-up pool :).

now, full-force ahead onto vacation planning, which will most definitely include many, many picnics.  the best part about summer, if you ask me.  food, sunshine, nature... swoon.


  1. Looks perfect! 9 seems like the sweetest age- not quite tween yet but funny and smart and curious (at least judging from the few, awesome 9 yr olds I know!)

    1. yes. you're completely right. i loved this age... in my son, and daughter :). {'calm before the storm'... kidding, kinda}

  2. Such a cute party! I especially love how you incorporated the picnic baskets. Smart mama! Happy Belated Birthday to Hailey!

    1. just say NO to "plastic rubbish"!! (as jody refers to the typical party "goodies" :))

  3. Oh, this is so sweet! I love it. (And those are my straws that are currently in my good ol' straw dispenser.) Happy Birthday to your lovely girl!

  4. Oh that's such a great idea - where did you get those sweet baskets from? Those would actually be lovely and usable once the girls got home as opposed to all the plastic rubbish my kids get....

    1. Michaels! On sale!!

      “plastic rubbish”… OH YES. Totally familiar with that. :)

      {I always love your comments by the way… They make me smile.}


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