each & every ripe fruit & vegetable- from the fridge... from the garden consumed.

final check-up complete as of 3:00 this afternoon... ALL clear to loosen up the diet a bit!  we've moved into "moderation mode"... conveniently *just in the nick of time to head into the food/wine mecca of california...  90 days without sugar, gluten, dairy, wine... yeah- you could say i'm pretty darn excited to reacquaint myself with a few culinary indulgences.

while i'm away for the next couple of weeks, i plan on the normal routine of going "dark" around here, but i couldn't turn the lights off without sharing this amazing granola that i made for the soon-to-be-hungry kids on the road.

...from a book that i recently ordered & have been dyin' to dig into ever since i made these [according to michelle] "numero uno" whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.  a book filled with seemingly delicious baking recipes that are both good & good for you (a combination that does not always exist within the realm of "healthy" baking).  75 recipes... 12 kinds of whole-grain flours.  cannot wait to bake my way through this one.
first up...

maple pecan granola from good to the grain, by kim boyce... "filled with chewy dried blueberries, shreds of coconut, and toasty pecans, this granola I grab by the handful."
i've tried many granolas, and this one tops the charts.  or as michelle would say, "numero uno".

...and with that, i'm off.  off to eat, drink, & be merry.  {in that order :)}


  1. oh i hope you have the best time ever and I know you will!

  2. That's a lot of abstemiousness (sp?) that you have undergone - good on you. Have a fine time sampling all the goodness of the wine country!!

  3. wow! this granola looks delicious! hope you are indulging and enjoying every moment away!

  4. hope you are enjoying your trip!!! l love a good granola recipe and can't wait to try this one. it's the perfect road trip snacking!!! safe travels!! xo

  5. I need to order this book. Too many people have been singing its praises for me to ignore it any longer. I've had some unfortunate experiences with baking with whole wheat flower and I really need some expert advice!

  6. I do love that granola, and especially your photo of it to remind me that I need to make more!


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