One day at a time.

we needed a weekend with absolutely no plans... no big adventures... no home improvement projects or complicated meals.  just lego mind-storming {jacob}, a difficult research paper {ryan}, downton abbey season 2 {all... yes, we're *all addicted. even lil' hailey}, hunger games {yours truly... gotta finish the book tomorrow!!! book club this thursday... & still scrambling to FINISH... no idea what i'm serving........}, and of course- valentines for hailey.

i knew heading into to february that it would be non-stop from beginning to end... from the superbowl party, all the way to jacob's birthday (with a million things in between).  we're halfway through... and movin' right along.  doing the best we can to to keep our sanity intact, while longing for the {calmer} month of march.  taking it one day at a time
 {happy love-week :)} 

{finger-painted homemade sticker & candy buttons~ simple, yet made with lots of love... & kisses}



  1. What incredibly cute cards. Yes, I'm waiting for it all to slow down and it will, with some weekends just hanging around!

    1. I'm so with you. I need my life to stop for a few seconds. As much as I love running around and working crazy hours I want to unplug at least one day to be with my daughter with no interruptions.

  2. love the hearts hanging in your windows...have you shard that secret yet?

    love homemade valentine's too. we made ours over the weekend and I'm not sure who had more fun.

  3. adorable. g painted her valentines two. hers are a bit more, shall we say, abstract? ;)


    (p.s. do you do a full meal for your book club or just apps? you should make the french bread brie bowl--always a hit.
    you can make a savory version too with store bought pesto. that and a salad and your done. =)

  4. These are gorgeous, Torrie! I love that you are enjoying life at its fullest! xoxo

  5. Love the handmade Valentine's and especially that heart-shaped dream catcher in the window. That looks magical. I took the massively lazy route this year with store bought cards for Emerson's party. I'm thinking next year I might start early and get crafty with my girl. You've inspired me.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, Torrie. We went the store bought route this year. I wish I could find time for homemade but I was pretty pleased just to get them in the mail this year. :) Time seems to be in very short supply lately.

    The Suburb Experiment

  7. those are lovely valentines!!! any kid would be lucky to get those!!

  8. Love it all, Torrie! And please tell me where you got that cute!

  9. You are smart making Valentine's. We were planning on skippin gthe whole thing and then in a fit of guilt we just went to the store to buy some for Elian after my husband read a Highlights magazine story in which a little girl was crushed because she forgot hers. They cost $20. Ouch!

  10. We just made plans last weekend to do absolutely nothing and it was fantastic! i hope you felt the same. i love your little craft valentine's ideas! how fun!

  11. I just love the photo of your boy with the lego robotics and the "dangerous boys" book. Hope your weekend was lovely.

  12. Between the yarn hearts and the darling Valentines, you are a crafty gal! Very inspirational.

  13. Seriously! I hope March is a really slow and boring month. ;)

  14. Love the window hearts too, and those are the most creative valentines! I wish I got something cool like that when I was little haha


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