In motion.


Still alive.
[the message i received today]

{so much more to say, but our girls' weekend is still in full effect (10:59pm)... & we've got more fun in store for tomorrow (not to mention- cleanin' this place up- so as not to give the appearance that our weekend was ALL play & no work, as they were sweating bullets up the snowy mountain).  but as much fun as it's been, we miss our other 1/2 :) ... see ya in a couple days- & happy presidents day!}


  1. i had a sorta girl's wkend with my 16 y.o sis! lots of makeup and hair products were involved.

  2. i like the photo. i spend often my weekends in the mountain. happy tuesday


  3. Man he looks grown up! I feel kind of bad because I've never really done a girls/boys day with my children. Maybe I should start that soon...


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