Making an exit {Listography 2011}.

Each Wednesday, Emily, @ Notorious MLE, Danielle, @ Elleinad Spir, and myself are working our way through the lists of Listography 2011.

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{Prepare yourselves for the shortest lists EVER... Of which I'm not extremely proud of.   But after 2 days of packing mayhem & an afternoon of driving- my mind is sort of numb at this point in the game.  Numb in a sleepy-eyed, anticipatory, cheery, "are we there yet?" sort of  way.}

LIST #30.
List some things you want for your home and kitchen.

Ever since I saw this post, (love their Ikea finds, gift tips, simple ideas, fresh perspectives), I've been wanting to buy these "faux Belgian linen" kitchen towels ($3.49/4?? i like it a lot)...
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...and these, ever since seeing them here... and then on many blog posts thereafter (I did order the bottle opener though!).
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Beyond our kitchen- there's more... a new rug being at the top of the list.  But for now- these 2 will do.

You?  What are you pining for?  Share with a link or a comment below!


Now, here is where I'd typically make my exit.  But in an effort to unplug entirely for the next week & a 1/2, while we're away... I thought I'd cheat and provide you with next week's list too.  Don't worry.  It's short (& painless).

List your biggest moments in pain.

Having my braces tightened
Post wisdom teeth extraction infection
Throat infection
The morning after the first day of boot camp

And... we're off to our home-away-from-home!!  

Thank you for all of your well wishes & send-offs.  You make the thought of coming home [to reality] a little more appetizing :).


  1. Got your email, hope you're having an awesome first night!! Camping sounds soooo good right now
    Definitely bought those ikea kitchen dish towels--first apartment kitchen purchase back when I first started college, still use them, love them

  2. Have fun! Just looked at your wine country post from last year and it looks amazing!!!!

  3. Yeah! Have the most fun ever! I will be thinking of you while i am NOT vacationing - no there was no since of jealously in that sentence at all :)

  4. emailed you with some wineries! have an amazing time! xo

  5. I winced at your mention of getting your braces tightened. It's such a unique pain, isn't it? Ugh.

    I hope you have a great time!


  6. Have fun Torrie. Michelle over at Pretty Mommy always has me pining away for something. Right now I would kill for one of those Two caftans and that Chemex coffee pot.
    But really, I just want my floors redone and my house painted.
    Worst pain? Herniated disc while 7 months pregnant. It was bad. Really bad.
    Hope you enjoy some down time!

  7. Hahah- I just laughed out loud at the "having my braces tightened" comment being compared to labor!! Too funny.

  8. I have those Ikea kitchen towels -- but had no idea they were so well publicized! ;) Have a great camping trip.

  9. Have fun camping, Torrie! I hope it's everything you needed and hoped for!

  10. so would you then say labor is on par with having your braces tightented and a throat infection? I mean, I'm not pregnant or anywhere near, but you know....Just wondering if I'll ever be able to do it (hah). Also, that first image made me chuckle "Camping IS Fun" soooooooooooooo have fun!

  11. mm everyone needs a good clean dishtowel. i love that camping print. so fun.

  12. Labour does it for me everytime when the word "pain' comes up. And i have the hugest stack of dish towels but love them. have a fantastic hols and hope to see you on Friday for lunch if it suits!!!!

  13. Those kitchen towels MUST be mine!

  14. My friend has an impressive collection of tea towels... And would probably kill for your picks!


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