Preen, primp, & prettify.

Definition of DRESS UP 
  1. to make more attractive, glamorous, or fancy
  2. to attire in best or formal clothes
  3. to present in the most attractive or impressive light

... As I mentioned, "dressing up" was simply not happening- by any of the above definitions.  And as I also mentioned- I literally needed to make a commitment to put a little effort forth each day- for 7 days to be exact- in order to get back to dressing up, in the true sense of the word.  A few asked to see the final results, which- if you couldn't already tell- is not entirely within my comfort zone.  But, thanks to filtered, poor lighting, partial face (or lack thereof) phone shots, and not having to pose, I'm slightly comforted.
But first, a few [necessary] disclaimers...
  1. I don't own a full length mirror- hence the partial shots.
  2. ...which is why I didn't include accessories/shoes in the descriptions.
  3. Nothing earth shattering in these get-ups (which was the best part of this whole deal... Very little thought or effort- as you can see- went into the outfits & the pictures.  If this weren't the case, I most likely would have given up after day 1, or not 'signed-up' altogether.)
  4. My "hair commitments" were not quite as successful as the dressing up ones.  I did try on a couple of days, but- a lack of skill = extra time (more extra time than the "simple" styles should take!).  Clearly, this one's going to take a little more practice and effort.   
Okay, enough rambling.
{Thank you Michelle for getting me out of my rut &- in such a simple way- making a BIG difference in each day.}
{lunch w/ rebecca:  old navy top, gap belt, target maxi}

{weekend errands:  Hawaiian dress}

{wedding:  Madewell dress, forever 21 belt}

{Disneyland hotel (off to the pool!):  target top, gap shorts}

{Disneyland (w/ my mom!):  c&c tank, j crew cropped pants}

{movie night w/ sil & nephews:  pretty mommy top, victoria's secret cami, francesca's belt, gap cords}

 {tea w/ kids & book club dinner:  yesstyle top, francesca's cami (& necklace!), gifted pants... & a little cutie in the background}

And now- off to get dressed for a day of CLEANING... YAY!! (not so much, but YAY for FRIDAY!!)


  1. i think the last one is my favorite, i love the necklace and crisp white button down. Although, those dresses are pretty cute too! Isn't it amazing how a small thing like taking the time to dress nicely for the day puts you in such a better mood when you are a momma? I have been trying to post outfit photos daily on my blog too. It's hard, some days I don't feel like it, but it has certainly combated that 'blah' feeling I would get in the afternoons when I would realize I hadn't showered and was still wearing the clothes i slept in!

    Anyway, loving the outfit photos and your blog!


  2. I think you look so cute. That last picture makes me want to order something from yesstyle immediately. :) I know you don't like to be in front of the camera but it does get easier with time.


  3. you look gorgeous! i'm loving all of the looks, especially the last one.

    thanks for sharing this with us - i really really really need to take your example and do the same. i wear the same old boring "safe" outfits all of the time.

    glad you were inspired to do this!

  4. Success! I need to make this same commitment. I'm so bad about dressing up in the summer. I think my first commitment will have to be to doing some laundry to get my wardrobe prepared to be worn again...

  5. Great seeing you today, so jealous we found your size in the j.crew cropped pants--if only they had a second pair!
    Love love love the coral necklace you wore on day 7, now Kendi and you have convinced me for sure to check out their stuff!!
    And obviously I love day 3, I think I told you in your last post :) :)

  6. You look gorgeous, Torrie! I love your Hawaiian dress and the movie night look. Especially the earrings. Dressing up definitely cheers me up too. When I get around to it!

  7. Torrie! You look amazing! You could be a fashion blogger on par with What I Wore!!! Your are so photogenic and your clothes are so free and fabulous and so California girl. LOVE that dress you are wearing in the car, the white one too - but the last one is my favorite - the orangey necklace is incredible. This is inspiring me to get out of my UGGs (it's a freezing 40 degrees here) and put on some lippy...

  8. umm, not only am i impressed with your "dress up" outfits, I am super impressed with your social schedule!!! apparently i am still stuck in my rut as i am gravitating towards your "pool" outfit. love the bright green.

    happy weekend girl!

  9. The green top is the cutest!

    Stop by and take a vintage fashion survey for a chance to win a $70 makeup giveaway here!

  10. Woohoo! So honored to have gotten to see pic #1 in real life. Re: the full-length mirror—I finally got one myself a few weekends ago. Life. Changing. Ikea, I think it's called the Minde? I haven't even hung mine on the wall and it's rocking my world!

  11. Yayyy! I love this post! You are too cute. I especially love that Madewell dress and the necklace in that last picture!

  12. I think you look great in them all but you know what is my favorite- the last one. Classic white top with statement necklace and perfectly fitting jeans! Awesome

  13. Ah, such pretty summer outfits. I had trouble deciding on a favorite. OK, I think Day 2 was it. That dress looks divine on you. This post really made me think about how I dress now with all the running around I do with the kiddos and how that really shouldn't be an excuse for not looking good at least half the time! I've never been a sweats and T-shirt kind of girl but I've definitely downgraded to something close to that. You are such an inspiration for being so out there with your goals and progress on them.


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