Santa catalina island.

 It's the Monday after Thanksgiving. and for the first time ever, I'm refreshed, relaxed ~ and ready to take on

{Remind me to never, ever host this particular holiday EVER again.}

I'm kidding.  And, as I mentioned before, there are other factors involved- as to why this "tradition" (the way our family celebrates 'thanksgiving dinner') was/is in need of "tweaking"... but needless to say- it was so very nice to switch it up this year... to not wake up to this get away- mid-week- the day before Thanksgiving- to celebrate Ryan's birthday... the birthday that usually gets placed on the back-burner due to 'holiday busyness .'

For this, and for him... I am truly thankful.  



  1. What a wonderful little getaway. Happy birthday to your husband! Those photos of Catalina look much more fun than the kitchen photos. ;) Good choice this year!

  2. I've always wanted to visit there! I hope your hubs had a lovely bday!

  3. these photos are amazing. they are giving me the travel bug - NOTHING around here looks like that :) at least we are looking forward to a sixty degree weekend for the first of Dec - a little scary but I'll take it!! happy weekend, girl!

  4. Oh how fun! A much needed getaway- happy late bday to your sweet hubby!

  5. Catalina has been on my list of places to visit for awhile. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! PS. Your husband is a cutie! Love the photo of him playing cards. :)

  6. yellow cake, chocolate frosting, rainbow birthday cake ever. i, too, did not host thanksgiving this year. it was so great! i don't think i ever will again. ha! glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

    1. so happy to have others that GET it. it was so very nice to experience thanksgiving in the ‘backseat’ mode… soooo nice.


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